Installing Google Analytics on Your WordPress Website


In today’s online marketing world, marketers need to track their results in order to make improvements to their promotional efforts. Google Analytics has paved the path for tracking results, is widely used, and is free to users. It can also be an intimidating program to use — and even just to install.

This article takes the guesswork out of installing Google Analytics on your website. I provide step-by-step instructions, along with screen shots, to make the installation process easy and clear.

Before you get started, you will need the following items:

  • A Gmail account (If you don’t have a Gmail account, go to, click on “Gmail” in the top toolbar, and then click on the orange-red box to the far right labeled “Create an Account.” Complete all of the information and create your account.)
  • Your sign-in information for your Gmail account
  • Your WordPress sign-in information

Once you have the above pieces of information handy, you can begin the installation process. It will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete the entire process. (Please note, once Google Analytics is installed properly, data for your website will start to be collected. It is similar to a video in that nothing is recorded until you press “record”; by installing Google Analytics today, you are pressing the “record button.” This means your account will not have any data available prior to the installation date; only data from this date forward.)

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Jean Baliko

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