Reality Blog: Project Tracking (and Dealing with Guilt)


Looking back over the past several months of this Reality Blog, I’ve talked about self-improvement — a lot …

There was last month’s post about evaluating and expanding what you consider “survivable”

And the one describing how to deal with chaos

Oh, and the post about resistance and how it will hold us back — if we let it.

These motivational-type posts are fitting — considering my niche is self-improvement. When someone spends a great deal of time each week reading and discovering things in their niche, it’s natural to try the things they learn and share the ones that work. So I share in the hope that what I learn may help you, too.

But, if you’re seeking something actionable today, what I’m about to share may hit the spot …

Don’t worry — if you like the posts about self-improvement, there’s also a lesson I’d like to pass on this month. It’s about releasing guilt, but first …

My Secret Weapon for Meeting Deadlines

As you know, one of my action items for June was to hit the ground running when I returned from vacation.

Right before my week at the beach, I discovered a higher level of productivity is “survivable.” I made a point to continue that once vacation was over.

However, I quickly met with a speed bump in my plan …

With so many projects on my plate, my typical system of a simple Google calendar and task list wasn’t working. With each project in a different phase — from “proposal” to “edits requested” — there had to be an easier way to keep track of everything.

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Christina Gillick


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