Tablets, Laptops, and Goldilocks

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One of the great things about being a web writer is not being tied down to an office. You probably carry a tablet with you wherever you go, or you’re thinking about it if you don’t. And while tablets can be great, there are times when you just want a little more.

And I’m talking from experience. When I started my web-writing business, I chose the most powerful laptop I could. It rivaled desktops in terms of processing power, and at the time, that fit what I wanted. Fast forward a few years and my powerful, and heavy, laptop now feels like a brick tying me to my desk.

For a while, I used an iPad and loved it. The portability and ease of use made working on the go so much easier. Most of the time.

I found that for projects involving lots of research, or lengthy or specially-formatted documents, the iPad often turned out to be an awkward solution (and that’s not including awkward situations created by the autocorrect feature on text).

So what can you do if you find a tablet isn’t enough, but a traditional laptop is just too much? Like Goldilocks, you can find an option that is “just right.”

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Crystle Pishon

I'm a creative geek - a rare breed. I use my skills to help IT companies market their products and services on the web - with as much personality as they can handle. My mantra: "Tech doesn't have to be boring." It's possible to have a personality and be professional at the same time. If your content puts your prospects to sleep, contact me. I can help.

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  • Thank you Crystle. You have helped me out a great deal. I have a defective Dell Lap Top that a well meaning friend got me last year doing a sink or swim on me as I was in the field of Computers/Electronics back in the mid 80’s to early 90’s as a Electronics Technician/Lab Aide building, testing as well as troubleshooting thing from the schematics that the Engineer’s drew it was some of the best fun that I had. I got out when all of the greed as well as stupidity set in. Fortunately it was a hobby of mine as a child growing up & as a result I was the 1st girl in the electricity class in High school. Once you have that in your system it never leaves you. To this day I still do testing as well as troubleshooting one of those things that is in my blood as is writing that I am just now getting started with.
    The sink or swim was because this is my 1st computer in life. As a Technician I knew right away that it was defective. I do have a Acer Google Chrome but the screen is only & the screen is only 11.5 inches is that a little small? also the screen is cracked and it will cost about $100-150.00 to fix. I am wondering if I ought to just buy a new one with a larger screen as I really do enjoy the Chrome 7 the way that things are going w/ Google it seems to be the smarter choice. How do the Samsung & the Acer differ?
    You are absolutely right Tech doesn’t have to be boring. It is actually exciting if you are into it. If not people tend to have that blank expression on their faces when you are speaking as if it is a completely different language as it is. However it can be broken down.
    Thanks for the tip.

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