Roving Report: Cause Marketing Writing Tips

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Cause marketing is a partnership between a not-for-profit and a for-profit organization, for the mutual benefit of both. It’s an industry that’s still unfolding, and it presents a profitable and growing opportunity for web writers.

Mindy McHorse is the founder of Brighter World Cause Marketing, which specializes in copywriting for causes. If you’ve been a Wealthy Web Writer member for more than a few months, you probably remember Mindy as the original Reality Blogger.

Mindy sat down recently with a group of Wealthy Web Writers to talk about cause marketing and the web-writing opportunities it provides. You can listen to the entire webinar HERE.

Cause marketing is also known as “social marketing,” “global citizenship,” “corporate citizenship,” “corporate responsibility,” and “marketing with meaning.” Whatever you call it, cause marketing gives copywriters a way to support causes they believe in while improving their own bottom line.

It’s an area of marketing that’s been growing consistently, Mindy pointed out. During the recession, it was the only form of sponsorship marketing that grew.

“Americans are burned out by sad news stories,” Mindy explained. “There’s so much wealth here, yet children are lacking for things they need, animals and people are without homes, why not bring together these interests?”

That philosophy propels cause marketing.

Cause Marketing vs. Fundraising

Writers often ask Mindy how fundraising and cause marketing differ. The short answer is that the prospects and the desired actions are different.

In fundraising, the prospect is a donor. You’re asking him to donate time, money, or merchandise. Fundraising usually focuses on motivating the prospect to do something with no expectation of a return.

In sales copy, the prospect is a customer. Sales copy always includes a call-to-action that leads to a sale — maybe not right away, but a sale is the ultimate goal. The prospect could make a purchase (a direct sale) or fill out a form, read a white paper, or take some other action that moves her into the sales funnel.

Cause marketing combines both. The prospect is both a donor and a customer.

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Susanna Perkins

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