Reality Blog: How to Increase Your Focus


Welcome to this month’s Reality Blog! Let’s talk about my new obsession — increasing focus!

No matter what your goal is — to make the leap, become a six-figure web writer, or double your hourly rate — focusing will help you get there.

But, did you know you can use up your ability to focus?

It’s true. I recently read a study saying if you use a lot of focus on anything — maybe avoiding that jar of candy on your desk — you’ll have less willpower and less ability to focus later.

Because of this — and in an effort to stay even more focused — I changed some of my processes and implemented a few new tools.

If you haven’t yet whipped your focus into shape, check it out:

3 Tools to Help You Focus

Keep in mind, focus tools can help you stay on track, but you have to provide the desire to focus and get stuff done. That being said, here are three tools that work for me when I need a little help with focus:

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Christina Gillick


  • Great blog, Christina. Lots of information in a short time. You made me do a double-take on the multi-tasking issue. Doesn’t it sound right to be able to multi-task? But you’re absolutely right — focus on one thing is better.

    • Hi Marianne,

      Thank you!

      Yes, multi-tasking seems like a good idea – and I love to feel that I’m accomplishing a lot at once – but multi-tasking just doesn’t work for me anymore. Now I’m much better off – and less stressed – tackling one thing at a time. 🙂

      Look forward to seeing you at bootcamp!


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