Reality Blog: New Year’s Resolutions, Goals and Visions

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Dear Fellow Web Writers,

I’m so excited! I’ve made a major breakthrough in understanding the difference between a Big Goal and a Vision!

It’s always important to know the relationship between your freelance business and goals, but at this time of year, people around the world are setting all kinds of goals via ‘New Year’s resolutions!’

Some won’t make any because they think it’s an outdated tradition that belongs back in the 20th Century. But according to, New Year’s resolutions began with the Babylonians at least four millennia ago! It’s not easy to get rid of something that’s been around for so long.

There will always be optimistic people who make promises to themselves:

  • I will lose 25 pounds this year
  • I will stop smoking
  • I will increase my business by …

And we know that most people won’t keep them. In fact, Psychology Today claims that many people not only end up back where they were the year before, but often are in a worse state of increased smoking, more debt, or whatever their resolution was.


Psychology professor Peter Herman and his colleagues call it the “false hope syndrome.” They believe the resolution is “unrealistic and out of alignment with their internal view of themselves.”

In other words, just making positive affirmations about what you are capable of doing — but don’t really believe — not only doesn’t work, but can damage your self-esteem.

The only way to turn things around, they say, is to “rewire your brain.”

And this is where I believe vision begins.

Your Mental Blueprint

Top-ranking copywriter, Joshua Boswell, calls it your “mental blueprint.”

“The key to changing your blueprint is Emotional Repetition,” he says. “The more highly charged the emotion, the more quickly you can change your blueprint … When emotions are lower, you need more repetition to make the change.” To actively change your blueprint through Emotional Repetition, Joshua instructs that you must:

  • Consider carefully what you want
  • Emotionally charge it
  • Write down all the reasons why it’s important
  • Repeat it to embed it in your subconscious

I know this works!

In my first year as a copywriter, I created a “dream board.” I made a collage of pictures that helped me visualize my writer’s life. I hung it on my fridge and above my desk. I achieved everything on the board, including traveling from Toronto, Canada to San Diego for my first Web Intensive. It was extra special for me because I invited my sister who lives in Las Vegas to join me for a few extra days.

Creating that dream board helped emotionally charge my dream. But were the objectives on that dream board goals or a vision?

I now realize they were only goals.

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Marianne Foscarini

Helps Christian business owners improve their online presence and increase their customer base and profits through online/website/SEO content marketing and social media presence


  • Hi Marianne, Great article! I need to consider my overall vision more as I set my long term goals. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’m also excited to see what 2014 holds for you. It’s going to be a big year! Hold on tight. 🙂

  • Hi Marianne,
    I love the article. I must confess that it’s like this is directed to me and I am happy to learn many things from this. I must have a vision and be focused on my goals in the year 2014. I pray that I may practice what I captured from the article.

    All the best on your goals in 2014 and may God’s favour go before you.


    • Hi Martha, I’m so glad the article spoke to you. One thing I have learned is that even if we don’t get it always right, we still learn and grow. Best to you, too, in 2014. God bless!

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