Reality Blog: How to Be an Idea Machine

Ideas can be valuable.

How valuable?

Well, in my case, ideas are responsible for all of my income …

  • My first paying project was the result of pitching an idea for an article.
  • My repeat clients keep hiring me because I pitch them new ideas on a regular basis.
  • When I have the chance to submit an idea to a client, I submit more than requested. For instance, check out this Facebook post from Rebecca Matter:

So where do I get all these ideas? And, more importantly, how can YOU become an idea machine?

Here are five tips to get the ideas flowing:

1. Learn something — anything.

If you’re not spending time reading and researching, you’ll have a real hard time “ideating.” (That’s my word for coming up with ideas/brainstorming.)

To get the ideas flowing, learn something. You might read an article, listen to a podcast, or watch a movie.

As you read, listen, or watch, pay attention to your thoughts. You’ll likely think things like:

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Christina Gillick

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