How to Add Value to Your Web-Writing Business as a Cause Marketing Specialist

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Mindy-smallDate: May 29, 2014
Time: 3pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Cause Marketing
Presenter: Mindy McHorse

In today’s super-competitive online market, one of the best ways to set your web-writing business apart is to offer your clients a way to set their business apart. Cause Marketing provides an excellent way to do that, and it’s an option that more and more companies are turning to.

With the growth this industry, the demand for writers who understand this unique approach to marketing is soaring. And you can use it to deliver more value to your own clients in several ways.

During this live webinar event, Mindy McHorse shows you:

  • How you can help your clients get the attention of a larger buying audience.
  • How you can generate greater customer loyalty for your clients.
  • How you help your clients to grow their reputation.
  • And much more.

Join us for this exciting event on the emerging trend of Cause Marketing.

This event is reserved for Wealthy Web Writer Platinum members. To join us, please log in or become a member today.

Mindy Tyson McHorse

Mindy Tyson McHorse

Executive Editor for The Barefoot Writer, Mindy McHorse writes for clients in the biz-opp, alternative medicine, and self-help world.


  • Hi Mindy, My Thursday is already committed for community service. I hope this event will be recorded for access at a later date.

    • Hi Steve,

      This will be recorded, so you’ll be able to listen to the playback at your convenience.

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