Reality Blog: What’s Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals?

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no wayDear Fellow Web Writer,

I know a woman who always wanted to be a successful business owner. She started at least three businesses that I’m aware of, but each one failed.

  • One was a flower shop
  • One was a wool shop
  • One was a lunch truck service

Sometimes we chatted about it, and I asked, “Why do you think you didn’t reach your goal of having a successful business?”

Her answers always pointed to the same thing … it was someone else’s fault. The landlord wouldn’t extend credit. The bank wouldn’t approve a loan. And one response was interesting … “I was ahead of my time. People didn’t appreciate my services.”

Learning from other people’s mistakes has been very helpful. I learned from that friend the importance of being honest with myself.

I’ve discovered something else. The greatest joy in being honest with yourself is in the accomplishment of something you once thought was too difficult, or too fearful to do.

Like public speaking before a crowd of 200 women for the first time and having them enthusiastically invite you back.

Saving a few dollars at a time toward the down payment for your dream home and experiencing the thrill of signing the papers.

Getting a phone call from a copywriting customer who found your profile on LinkedIn and gave you a fantastic testimonial after they paid you for your services.

I’ve learned that often the best experiences aren’t the ones that just happen in your life, but are the ones you prepare for.

The friend I just mentioned wanted a successful business, but expected it to just happen because she thought she had good ideas. But her planning and preparation were poor … plus she denied the truth of what was really happening in her business.

Living the writer’s life means being honest with yourself, setting your goals, and planning in detail how to get there.

Four common obstacles

Goal setting and proper planning help you to overcome the four most common obstacles that usually keep writers from reaching their goals:

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Marianne Foscarini

Helps Christian business owners improve their online presence and increase their customer base and profits through online/website/SEO content marketing and social media presence


  • Marianne,

    Great information and even better encouragement…thank you. My big one is an unrealistic time frame. In other words, I want it now. Not tomorrow or next week or next year….NOW.

    I realize that is just not possible but the point is this … It is possible if I work consistently toward that goal and never quit.

    Thanks Marianne!

    William S

    • William,

      the writer’s life is amazing … some people seem to achieve it so fast, and for others it takes years. And I identify with you in wanting it NOW. Consistency does work because as you continue to work away, you see the adjustments that need to be made and what works and what doesn’t work. Most people are not consistent and that’s why only a percentage achieve their dream.

      I’m so happy to see that you will be in that percentage as you “work consistently toward that goal and never quit”.


  • Thanks Marianne. I would add “Personal Accountability” to your paragraph on Unrealistic Timeframes. Too often, I have caught myself blaming others, for “using up my time and energy”. Being accountable, for how I prioritize my time, will change the outcome.

    • That’s a good point, Randall.

      We do need to have strong personal accountability. Most people work on this by being accountable to others, like an accountability partner or master mind group. I encourage that. However, in the end we have to be accountable to ourselves.

      Also, thanks for your honesty in catching yourself blaming others. I think many people do this without realizing it. I catch myself sometimes, too. But it’s not worth it to blame others … it only slows us down more (and stifles our maturity and growth).

      And besides, then we can enjoy taking credit for writing a successful landing page, etc. No one else did it!

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment.


  • It appears that this post needs to be updated since no one has commented since May 2014. So, let me begin by saying that all of your points are valid where it comes to reasons people have not achieved their goals, Marianne.
    My greatest fears are procrastination, the fear of rejection and consistency. They are the things I need to improve upon the most. And with the help of the Wealthy Web Writer Team, I plan to overcome them all.


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