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Video Marketing Concept Through Magnifying Glass.I recently attended a webinar presentation put on by Ad Age and Brightcove. The topic was content marketing with video. Given that Brightcove is a video platform provider, the topic is not surprising.

But some of the information they shared did surprise me.

For example, did you know that of the 80% of businesses using content marketing, only about half of those businesses feel they are effective content marketers?

Of the businesses that report the best results from content marketing — higher engagement, more traffic, more leads, and more sales — 95% have one thing in common. They all use video as a core element of their content marketing strategy.

There are other signs that video is a powerful tool for online marketers. For many businesses, video content is nearly doubling their online conversions. Whatever action you want your visitors to take, including video content in your funnel can increase your results twofold!

But here’s the thing … video is like content marketing — a lot of companies have trouble executing an effective strategy. In fact, 91% of companies identify video marketing as important, but only 67% feel that they’re using it effectively.

That’s a huge opportunity for you as a web writer.

Three Simple Ways You Can Add Video Marketing to Your Web-Writing Services

When businesses are adopting a new marketing strategy … when they understand its importance … and when they are also aware of their shortcomings in terms of execution … that creates a sweet spot for freelancers.

These businesses want help and they know the value of what they’re asking. In other words, there are clients to be landed and there is money to be made.

You can take advantage of this video content marketing trend in a lot of different ways, but in this article, I want to highlight the three fastest ways for you to jump on board.

1. Scripts … Scripts … and More Scripts

It’s true, you’ll occasionally find a great marketing video that is unscripted. But the vast majority of effective marketing videos use scripts.

There’s a desired outcome for the video. It’s meant to build brand awareness, to engender trust, or to move the viewer to take further action.

Whenever you have a goal, the best way to reach it is with a well-thought-out plan. In video marketing, that means having a script. And a good script means that somewhere along the line, a writer was involved. That could be you.

Writing scripts is similar in a lot of ways to writing content or sales letters. Organization in a video is important. The progression has to make sense to the viewer — any one of these proven sales-package formulas can work well for videos:

  • Attention, Interest, Desire, Action,
  • Promise, Picture, Proof, Push,
  • Or Problem, Solution, Position, Action.

Creating a sense of connection is also important. Write the video script in the language of the target audience. And more than ever, write like you actually speak … because someone will be speaking the lines you write.

Similarities aside, writing scripts is also different. Keep sentences shorter. Consider how the person speaking the words you write will be interacting in their environment. Pay careful attention to your transitions — they have to be so smooth that they’re practically invisible.

2. Integration Consulting

One of the big struggles that businesses have with using video as part of their content marketing strategy is the question of where their videos fit in with the rest of their content.

You could become their go-to person for content integration. This basically means you’ll help them plan their video and other content so it all works together toward an end-goal.

For example, a company that is getting ready to launch a new time management app may dedicate a month of content marketing to the launch. Their needs might include several posts on different time management strategies, an infographic on goal setting, four video testimonials about the app itself, a landing page, an autoresponder series, and a webinar with associated promotional content.

As an integration consultant, you would help them figure out these needs. You would also help to determine their posting schedule, where and how to promote each item, a crosslinking strategy, and how to best move visitors from one step to the next in the content marketing funnel.

As a consultant, you would also help your clients to repurpose content — turning posts into videos, videos into infographics, e-books into tutorials, white papers into posts, and so on — so they can repeat important concepts without boring their visitors.

3. Basic Production

Producing video is something that makes a lot of writers nervous. And, it’s true that you may not be ready or equipped to shoot high-definition, high production quality footage.

But, you’re almost certainly ready and equipped to do basic production. And basic videos can do a lot of good as part of a content marketing strategy.

Basic production videos can include:

  • Video interviews
  • Recorded Google hangouts
  • Instructional videos
  • Video case studies
  • Screencasts
  • Testimonials

That’s just to name a few.

Video marketing has been a valuable online tool for years. But now, with the growing importance of content marketing, the use of video marketing is expanding. Video is playing a bigger role than ever in the success of complex marketing campaigns. This emerging trend is creating a huge opportunity for web writers, which makes video marketing services well worth offering to your clients.

Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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