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Businessman talking on mobileDear Fellow Web Writer,

At the 2012 Web Intensive, Stephanie Mundle shared about her unique approach to acquiring customers. She got down and dirty … that was her niche, horticulture. Her background in landscaping and container gardening became her focus for her new email copywriting business.

But how to get started?

Isn’t that the question we all ask?

Stephanie remembered what she used to do in the landscaping business, so she decided to do the same … go to trade shows. Only this time as a visitor, not an exhibitor.

But she was still nervous as most new freelancers are. “Am I going to do this? Or am I not going to do this?” were her first thoughts. Her doubts and insecurities caused her stress levels to rise.

She contacted some people she knew in the agricultural business and discovered that there was a major trade show close to her home in 10 days!

She decided to go. But she knew she had to take some deliberate action steps to reduce her stress levels. To practice, she decided to attend a smaller event first, in another state. She booked a flight and started getting ready.

  • She created her elevator speech … a brief sentence that gives clarity of thought and piques the prospect’s interest.

    “What if I could show you a way to maintain contact with your customers on an ongoing basis so they are thinking of you when they’re ready to buy?”

  • She researched the exhibitors. (When you register, you get this information.) She probed their websites, scrutinized Google search, and brainstormed conversations with supportive friends.

  • With one of those friends on the other end of the phone, she looked online at business card designs and ordered a rush delivery from Vistaprint … she got it the day before take-off.

She was ready, but she didn’t feel like it. “I struggled with entitlement,” she said. “Should I be here? Will they talk to me?” So she ended up walking the hallways and weaving in and around booths. Finally, she started approaching exhibitors who looked bored and didn’t have people at their table.

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