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jumping peopleMany aspiring web writers are searching for ways to start making money from home right away. They want to get out of the continuous grind of the 9-to-5 rat race as soon as possible. Heck, we have all been there — and a lot of us are still there. But what if I told you, “You can blog your way to freedom with just two posts per day.” Would that be something you would want to know about, and would start applying today?

I remember when I first started out on this journey. I wanted to find the freedom and financial peace of mind through doing something I love. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and I have often been complimented for my ability to express my deepest heartfelt emotions through the written word.

I began the search to find my personal road to success, and I came across many different personalities and experts in the fields of freelance writing and blogging. Then came the task of weaving in and out of all the fluff and trying to find the common factor that was resulting in success for all these “so-called” experts. I was weighed down with information overload.

I found out about the different ways to monetize your blog. Affiliate marketing. Banner ads. Original information products.

I don’t disagree that these methods work. I’ve had some results from them myself. However, if you are just starting out and need to make money now, trying to find that financial peace of mind through these means will only leave you stressed out and frustrated. Believe me, I know.

Those monetizing methods work well only if you already have a strong following and readership on your blog. If you’re not already a blogger, it will be a while before you see any returns on these methods.

In the meantime, the faster answer to finding financial freedom is to become a freelance writer and blogger.

While you are maintaining your website/blog and constantly sharing fresh valuable content, you should also be finding publications you can pitch to. The industry average for writing freelance blogging assignments is $100; however, as you develop, grow, and earn more skills through experience, and depending on the length of each post, you could even be landing $200-$300 freelance blogging gigs.

Let’s Do the Math

If you were to start pitching to online publications and companies for blogging gigs — either as a guest blogger or a ghost writer — and writing two blogs a day at $100 a pop for these clients, here is what you earnings would look like: $200 a day is $1,000 a week (Monday-Friday). It’s $4,000 month. That’s $48,000 a year. Of course, this number could be greater if you chose to work 6 or 7 days a week or to write more posts a day. And don’t forget, if you were to land freelance blogging gigs at $200 or $300, your earnings could increase dramatically.

Also, don’t forget that many of your clients may have regular blogging needs. So lining up a single client may mean ongoing work writing one or two posts a week.

Next, let’s take a look at what goes into these assignments so you can see how realistic it is to start earning a significant income as a blogger.

How Long Should Each Blog Post Be?

Blog post length can range anywhere from 500 words to even 1,800 words. It all depends on the publication’s guidelines and requirements.

Google favors longer content. Some bloggers believe that the search engine giant ignores any and all content that is less than 1,000 words. That’s not really the case. Google ignores short, non-valuable content. If you were to write a 500-word blog post (or shorter) that is packed with valuable content that online viewers are impacted by and commenting on, then you will still end up in Google’s good graces. The key here is quality content that readers share.

Bottom line: Always remember that if you want to remain in Google’s good graces, quality will always trump quantity.

How Long Should it Take to Write a Blog Post?

The answer to this really depends on you as the writer. I am sure you remember the old saying, “Practice makes perfect,” and it rings true here. As you begin to develop a habit for writing, your speed will double in time.

One of the best ways to start increasing your word count by the minute is to set writing goals for yourself. For example, when I first started out, it was taking me about two-and-a-half hours to write 500 words (not very good if I really wanted to make something out of being a writer). Now, it takes me less than an hour to write the same amount of quality content. Again, it all comes with practice.

Action Steps:

To begin securing your financial freedom as a freelance blogger, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Start making a list of publications and blogs that you want to pitch article ideas to. Don’t be afraid to go after the BIG fish — they pay more and will earn you more name recognition. Next to each publication or company name, write out to the side of it the name of the editor or marketing director who you will be contacting and their email address so you always have that information on hand.
  2. Start making a list of article ideas, and off to the side of each idea write down which publication you think would be the best fit for that idea.
  3. Then start sending your queries — or your fully written articles — to the publications for consideration. Start contacting companies about their blogging needs. Follow up diligently.

Set goals for how many queries you want to send out. And, keep practicing your writing to increase the number of words you are able to write within an hour. With persistent effort, opportunities will open up for you.

Becoming a paid blogger is one of the fastest ways to start building your writing income. So get started today.

“William Ballard, a freelance writer, blogger, and author, is chief executive of Writer and Author William Ballard (currently located in Barrie Ontario, Canada). He blogs about freelance writing, blogging, and business at his Freelance Writing and Business Blog. Follow him on Twitter @ApostolicAuthor.”


William Ballard

William Ballard is a highly sought after business consultant and content marketing strategist. As founder and CEO of William Ballard Enterprise, his passion is to help struggling firms go from merely surviving operations to truly thriving organizations. To learn more about how to grow your business in the midst of the new normal, subscribe to William’s free business building e-newsletter.


  • I’m in that boat now. I am a better than average writer (I have a decent vocabulary, but more important, I have a strong grasp of the English language and attention to details). I am currently unemployed and have dreamed of the writer’s life for nearly 10 years. I am a member of The Barefoot Writer, I subscribe to Wealthy Web Writer, and I own the Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting, The Catalog Copywriting program, the Desktop Marketing program, the Turn Your Pictures Into Cash program, the Internet Research program, and the Resume Writer’s program, along with other lesser programs, and they make great filler for my bookcase, where they’ve collected dust. I suspect that is a common situation, but it’s time to get down to business. So with that back story, this post may be what I needed. I guess I never read far enough into the programs, articles, etc., but I was never able to figure out the WHAT to do. I have volumes of HOW, but have found getting started to be a challenge. What is the one thing, besides making the decision, that I need to do first to jump-start a successful writing/blogging/freelance career? I don’t need to make six figures to be happy, although I’m not going to lower the bar, but $400 to $500 per week would have a huge impact. Anyway, pouring all this out is therapeutic, more than anything else. I have more time than money and need to make my time productive. Thanks for the post. I would love a response.

    • Hi Paul,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article here at Wealthy Web Writer, and I see you joined my newsletter at my writer website as well, so thank you for becoming a part of my online community. I look forward to building a lasting connection and relationship with you, and sharing with you as much valuable information, tips, and guidance as I possibly can.

      I know exactly where you are coming from. I have been right where you are at as well, and sometimes I find myself there time and time again.

      I really like how you said you have volumes of HOW to do things, but nothing on WHAT to do. That is a very scary place to be in. It is like having years and years of college and earning a Doctorate degree, but not having any place to practice your expertise. That could become very frustrating and discouraging.

      Here is a few questions that could really help you:

      1) Do you have a writer website set up?
      2) Are you set up with Social Media?
      3) Do you have any clips or samples of your writing that you have available to show to potential clients?

      This is a good place to start. Having those three things could really be what you are needing to get yourself set for success right out of the gate.

      However, it is possible to start landing clients without having those things. Really, all you need to be successful in this industry is an internet connection (which you already have), an email address (which you already have), and a treasure chest mind of great ideas (which I am sure you already have). With those three things that you already possess you are well on your way to reaching the goals that you have set for yourself. All you have to start doing is pitching those great ideas to the publications that you really want to see your work published at.

      I don’t know if you have already started pitching to potential clients, but if you want to be successful in this industry the only way to get started is to start pitching blog post ideas.

      I hope this helps!

      Thanks again for subscribing to my email list. I look forward to helping you further. And don’t miss any of my future articles here at Wealthy Web Writer, I will be sharing a lot of WHAT to do and HOW to do things that will be extremely valuable to you.

      • William,

        Thanks for the timely and valuable reply. I know how busy one can be pursuing their own dreams so it’s means a lot that you take the time to provide encouragement to me and others in similar circumstances. First let me answer your questions:

        1. No I don’t have a writer’s website created yet. Everything I read about starting a writing career point out that having a website is the first priority. I know what to do about that and how to do it. Lord knows, there’s enough information and tutorials here on Wealthy Web Writer and the web in general to guide me. There’s so much information and so many experts out there that it’s difficult to weed out the teachers from the doers. Nevertheless, I guess it’s a matter of taking that step and putting myself “out there.” That is my first goal. Still haven’t decided whether to use a free service at first then migrate to a paid service; especially since funds are limited at this point but also acknowledge that it takes some investment in myself in order to improve chances for success. I know a paid service will pay longer lasting dividends.

        2. I am reasonably established on both Facebook and Twitter, so I understand the important role social media plays in establishing credibility and creating my “brand.” It’s too easy to get distracted (“shiny things” syndrome).

        3. I have few clips and I don’t think what I have will be valuable (I could be mistaken). In my other life, I did a lot of professional writing: correspondence at executive level and higher, proposals, creating lesson plans from scratch, various Powerpoint presentations and scripts for webinars. It seems like some of this may highlight my ability to put words together in a logical sequence to make a point, but I am unsure if they would make an impact on somebody looking for a professional writer. What are your thoughts?

        So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I will spend time on your site and review your Facebook posts. As the person who responded below points out, my obvious first step is starting (again) and finishing the Accelerated Program. Again, thanks for the insight and offer of assistance. There is no shortage of resources so I have no excuses…just need to have to quit finding reasons not to take the plunge. Thanks again.

        • Hi again Paul,

          Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and share where you are at with each thing. Sometimes actually seeing these things down in writing helps us with determining what we need to work on most of all.

          I hope doing this has helped you.

          Your right, I think we all, from time to time, need to “quit finding reasons” or making excuses as to why we haven’t or can’t take the plunge and become the freelance web writer that we all want to become.

          To answer your question about your clips, I would have to say that it really depends on the pub you are pitching to, but some kind of clip will always be better than no clip at all. Plus, I know what you mean when it comes to social media and all the distractions that come with it, but I know Wealthy Web Writer as a lot of advice for this very issue, and I will be sharing some of my own advice real soon about this subject on my own blog.

          And on to the topic of having a website. Your right, having a paid service will have longer lasting dividends, but to be honest with you, I personally am not using a paid service with my website (Yet) and despite that, I am still receiving a respected on return on an unpaid investment. I hope this information helps you out!

  • Hi Paul:

    Boy, do I feel you! I have several AWAI courses and programs, as well. The best thing to do, in our case (because I’m talking to myself as well) is to just get started. If you haven’t yet completed the Six-Figure Copywriting course, I’d start there, as that’s the foundation for everything else. The Internet Research program will dovetail with the research you do for your final project for the Six-Figure Copywriting course, and will give you a blueprint for how to structure your research protocols, if you decide to start marketing your Internet Research skills. Also, the Wealthy Web Writer website has tons of powerful “how to start” articles and webinars that you can tap into. If I were you, I would start there.

    The most important thing, though, is that you make a decision to put yourself out there. That’s going to be your biggest obstacle–not the “How to do it” part, but the “Am I ready to start?” part. It’s good old-fashioned stage fright and deprogramming yourself from old patterns that’s the obstacle.

    Good luck (for both of us)!

    • Tanisia,

      Thanks for the pep talk. I know I’m not rowing this boat solo, but it is comforting to know others share my discouragement. The advice is so blatantly obvious, but naturally it’s timely and on point. Getting started is the hardest part. I have the Six Figure program from before it was available online; that should give you an idea how long I’ve had it. I’ll make a deal with you if you want. I would like to stay in touch and see where we are in our progress. I appreciate you taking the time to encourage me. My reply to William’s reply above will give you a clearer picture of where I am. Good luck to you. See you at the top. Thanks again.

  • Thanks Mr. Ballard, Information needed along with the great pep talk. I am newer than new and lost in the vastness of possibilities. This article helped me very much. I now have a realistic daily goal.

    God Bless you, R

    • Hi Richard,

      Thank you for taking the time to read this post! I am glad that it has added value to you.

      One thing that has always aggravated me when it comes to reading articles online is that a lot of times the writers of these articles always tell you WHAT to do, but very seldom tell you HOW to do WHAT they are telling you to do. Of course, that doesn’t apply to Wealthy Web Writer and the writers here, but on other sites it can be frustrating.

      That is why I always like to give action steps at the end of all of my articles , and some times I will even write a tutorial piece to help with showing newbies exactly what to do with hands on training.

      Thanks again for your comment and taking the the time out of your day to read this post!

      God Bless!

  • Hi Guys!

    William, thank you for your informative articles. The ‘Action Steps’ make them worth the read!

    Paul, I’m wondering if you’ve got your website up? I’d take the plunge for a paid site as hosting doesn’t cost a whole lot these days. A few dollars a month and you’ve got complete control over your site. WordPress makes it easy and there are a TON of themes available for free that can give your site a great business look. Also, with your own site you can run analytics on who’s been there and where they came from. Then you can gleefully watch the numbers of site visitors increase as you continue to add content to your blog.

    Go for it, ‘cuz you’re worth it! If you don’t invest in yourself…well then, who will?

    • Hi LizzyFin,

      How are you?

      Thank you for taking the time to read this article and share your heart with the other readers as well.

      I am glad that people are getting a lot of my articles and that it adding value and empowering them to go new levels and dimensions with their web writing business.

      And I appreciate you leaving your pep talk about investing in one’s self. If we don’t help ourselves grow there is no way we can help others grow. We must grow first.

      I have a new philosophy about my web writing business that I will be sharing more in-depth real soon, but for now I just want to put this out there.

      I hear a lot about taking our businesses to the next level, however, when we speak of levels we are really doing ourselves a disfavor because we are limiting ourselves only to the measurement of height (ascending or descending).

      But I have been working to take my web writing business to a whole new dimension rather than level because when we speak of dimension we not only speak of the measurement of height (ascending and descending) but we are also considering the variables of width (expanding your territory) and depth (going places your competitors have never been).

      I will be talking more about this philosophy real soon. 😉

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