PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

PowerPoint Tips and TricksOne of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert in your niche is through speaking engagements.

Although the thought of speaking in public strikes terror in the hearts of many, there’s no denying the benefits: giving a successful presentation goes a long way towards positioning you as an authority on a subject, and gives you almost instant credibility.

And, if you’re doing a presentation, chances are you’ll be using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Here are a few of my favorite PowerPoint tips and tricks to help you feel confident and rock that presentation!

Let’s Get Started

The shortcut key to start your PowerPoint presentation is the F5 key.

The only problem with the F5 key is that it always starts the presentation from the beginning. If you have to interrupt your presentation to find another file, or go to a website, etc., pressing F5 will start your presentation again from the beginning.

To resume the presentation from your existing slide, use [SHIFT] + F5, and you’ll pick up from where you left off.

Moving Forward (and Backward)

Once you’re in your presentation, there are many options to move through your slide deck. 

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