Reality Blog: The Secret of Success is No Secret

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What is the “hidden secret” of writing success? What will guarantee that you will get published, grow a writing business on the Web, and get paid good money for doing it?

If you’re like me, you’ve read reams of how-to books and magazines. Attended workshops and writing conferences. You’ve emailed successful writers with your questions, queried editors with your ideas, and submitted articles, while holding your breath.

You’ve dripped blood and sweat all over your work, convinced that successful writers don’t.

There just has to be some secret that other writers keep under lock and key!

The irony is that there is a special technique that works.

But it isn’t locked away.

Nor is it even a secret.

It’s not only available to everyone, but almost everyone uses it every day.

If you’ve ever written a letter to a relative, emailed a message to a friend, or posted a comment on a blog, you’ve used it.

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