Reality Blog: Live Events Are More Than Just Fun. It’s Business.

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Hi Wealthy Web Writers,

Are you as excited about attending conferences as I am? There are many live events coming up in the fall and winter months. And as you probably know, one of my continual goals in life is to always be focused.

So, I want to attend my fifth AWAI live event … Bootcamp … next month with more focus than ever before.

And yes, I’m still excited, even though I’ve been there before.

You see, the first live event I attended was the Web Copy Intensive back in 2012 when it was held in San Diego. That kick-started my career, just as promised by Wealthy Web Writer. And was I surprised! I got my first paying projects from Rebecca Matter and Mindy McHorse.

I gained confidence, knowledge, and expertise.

And in my first month back at home, I started getting new paying customers on my own.

But I didn’t prepare for that event like I should have. I was nervous and uncertain of what to expect. But not anymore …

I am ready to plan ahead and make this year’s Bootcamp the best conference yet.

Reality Blog: Live Events Are More Than Just Fun.

And it doesn’t matter what conference you are attending. This checklist can be applied to any live event you attend, too.

Identify Goals

I’m always a bit embarrassed to recognize that I have to be reminded to set my goals. I can so easily just get lost in the crowd, soak in the environment, have a good time, and forget why I’m there.

But I’ve learned. It is important to know your goals beforehand.

Now I take time to think through my goals. What results do I want to achieve?

  • Do I want to have a specific conversation with a specific person, like a presenter, or an expert copywriter?

  • Do I want guidance in overcoming a specific snag in my business by finding the right expert to walk me through it?

  • Do I want to return home with one or two new specific projects?

  • Do I want to connect with a specific company or organization?

The key word in these bullets is “specific.” If you’re like me, you will need very specific, itemized, written details to “see” the results in your head.

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Marianne Foscarini

Helps Christian business owners improve their online presence and increase their customer base and profits through online/website/SEO content marketing and social media presence


    • Thanks, Donna. The better we prepare the more fun we have while also attending to business . See you at Bootcamp. 🙂

  • Hi Marianne!

    Great advice!

    I still remember my first bootcamp. I came completely unprepared and when I had a chance to talk to Michael Masterson/Mark Ford I stumbled my way through an unimpressive introduction. It’s a little funny to look back on, but at the time it was mortifying.

    You might want to look at LastPass for remembering passwords. I’ve been using it for years now and it has saved me sooo many times! Plus, I’m able to use secure passwords without having to remember them.

    I also recently saw a TV commercial for but I haven’t tried it.

    I hope you have a great time at Bootcamp!!


    • LastPass or other means of saving passwords, is a good idea, Christina. Thanks. I’ve considered using them before, but hesitate. I want to keep my memory sharp so I use passwords as a memory tool…except I do have them recorded to find when I don’t remember 🙂 However, the longer we’re online the more passwords are needed! So, it’s good to have your testimony of success with LastPass. I’m so sorry you’re not going to be at Bootcamp! I’ll definitely miss seeing you there. I’m sure you’ll stay tuned to Wealthy Web Writer’s Live Blog, though. 🙂

  • Hi Marianne,

    I remember my first Bootcamp like it was last year … oh wait, it was! 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing you there, and Christina, we’ll miss you!!



    • Hi Jim,
      Yes, we’ll see each other at Bootcamp. Get ready for the High-Five!

      (I’ll bet you’re not as nervous this year as your first (last) year, huh Jim? 🙂

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