4 Profitable Ways to Draw Attention to Your Web-Writing Business – Part One

Blog word from colored three-dimensional letters.

Blog word.This is the start of a four-part series of articles that will teach you how to draw more attention to your web-writing business, and attract more visitors to your site where you can convert them into leads.

And some of the techniques I share will even help you make money in the process. You’ll actually be paid to attract leads to your website!

Let’s start with the first way to draw attention to your web-writing business that pays:


I wrote an article for Entrepreneur entitled, The Rule of 5 for Bloggers, which emphasizes creation, writing, backlinking (or hyperlinking), editing, calls-to-action, and publishing. In this series for Wealthy Web Writer, I want to take this one-step further and provide you with some in-depth training on how to get the most return on the investment of time you put into your blog.

In the past, blogging meant creating a journal of your life’s memorable events and sharing it with everyone online. Then it evolved into creating content that answered a question, or provided information that an Internet searcher would be interested in.

Now, blogging has evolved once again. People are seeking out training and tutorials, and blogs are answering that need by providing content and information that not only informs the reader, but it also allows the reader to become a passionate and inspired student.

Content marketing, and most specifically blogging, is the cream of the crop when it comes to making money online. Bottom line: blogging is still one of the top online money-making opportunities around.

The majority of all online money-making opportunities like copywriting, email marketing, and writing e-books originate from blogging. When you have mastered the art of blogging, everything else comes naturally.

Let’s Get to the Money-Making Stuff

I want this series to give you relevant content and training you can put into practice right away and start seeing results fast.

The following are two ways to start making money through blogging:

Guest blogging

One of the best ways to start making money blogging is through guest blogging. What is guest blogging? Guest blogging is where you write for a blog (other than your own) as a guest. Doing this provides many incentives:

  • Byline recognition
  • A clip for your portfolio
  • An increase your SEO ranking

But most importantly, you can land paid guest-blogging opportunities.

There are over 60,000+ blogs on the Internet today. But you want to focus on those that will pay you to write for them and that will help you build connections with your target audience. In order to find these blogs, just do a Google search for “paid guest blogging” plus a search term that will return results relevant to your niche. Then you can pitch your ideas to the sites you find. If writer’s guidelines are available, I suggest you review these guidelines very closely.

You will encounter plenty of blogs that don’t pay or offer very low pay. But you will also find sites that pay a fair rate. Most blogs I have written for paid between $50 and $200 a post.

Through guest blogging alone, you can really begin to start building your web-writing business today. Check out the article I wrote right here at Wealthy Web Writer entitled, Freelance Your Way to Freedom on Two Blogs a Day, for more tips on how to start blogging your way to freedom.

In addition to getting paid, these guest-blogging opportunities will also help you attract your target audience to your website. You’ll grow your list, and over time you’ll land more clients. All while getting paid to market your business.

Guest blogging is the bread when it comes to making money online, but what is the butter?

Affiliate marketing

If guest blogging is the bread than affiliate marketing is the butter. Aside from blogging, the next biggest way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is where you market someone else’s product or service and that company or business owner pays you a small commission of each sale you send into their funnel.

In this strategy, you place affiliate links and banner ads within your blog pages.

So the next question to answer is: Where do you place your affiliate backlinks and banner ads?

Affiliate backlinks

First off, when it comes to putting links into your content, I personally have developed a very simple rule of thumb for myself: No less than three links, and no more than five. And to add to that, never put more than one link in a single paragraph. Also, try your best not to include affiliate links in two paragraphs in a row.

Bottom-line: always try to space out your links. If you put your links too close together, it will look cluttered and unprofessional.

Affiliate banner ads

When it comes to banner ads, there is a rule of thumb for these as well. I’ve found that the best place for a banner ad is in the top right sidebar just beneath your lead capture freebie and sign-up form. You can have more than one banner ad in the sidebar, but it is also important to never crowd this area. Too many banner ads make your site and blog look unprofessional. Again, the rule of thumb for these is, no less than three, and no more than five. Secondly, the next best place for a banner ad is at the end of the post just above another lead capture sign-up form.

One thing that I would like to add here is that your best converting ad should be the first in your sidebar, and the ad that best relates to the topic of the post that you are sharing to your audience should appear at the end of the post (the one right above the lead capture sign-up form).

Now, affiliate marketing is like a double-sided coin, on one side you can be the affiliate for someone else’s products. Or on the other side, you can run your own affiliate program and leverage the power of bloggers and Internet marketers so they can market your products and services for you.

When you offer your own products to affiliate marketers, then you double your chances of earning from your website/blog because some of the millions of bloggers and Internet marketers now go to work for you. This not only drives traffic back to your website and sales pages, but it drives back strong leads that are actually interested in what you have to offer.

Action Steps

1)    Make a list of calls-to-action that you would like to persuade your readers to take advantage of. Coming up with these calls-to-action first will inspire the content you write for your blog post.

2)    Once you’ve written a blog post (but not before it is published), make a list of affiliate offers you want to provide within the post (whether it be affiliate links or banner ads, or both) and determine the best locations for these links and banners ads.

3)    Do some research and find guest-blogging opportunities that can help you generate traffic back to your home base website.

I will be discussing more about blogging and affiliate marketing throughout this series, but you can use what I’ve shared so far to get started. Next, we will be talking about leveraging social media and using it to bring you leads and make you money.

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