4 Profitable Ways to Draw Attention to Your Web-Writing Business – Part Four

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Profitable Marketing: Marketing with EbooksWelcome to Part 4 of this four-part series, The Top 4 Ways to Draw Attention to Your Web-Writing Business That Pay. In this final article, we’ll talk about self-publishing e-books using Amazon’s Kindle Store as well as a special marketing outlet you may or may not be familiar with.

Selling digital products is an amazing moneymaker, and in this article, you’re going to find out how you can start leveraging this method of income in your own web-writing business.

Web Writers Becoming Self-Published Authors

I know that the majority of us here at Wealthy Web Writer are freelance writers, copywriters, and bloggers, so I’m sure several of you have probably entertained the idea of becoming a self-published author.

If you have entertained this idea of authorship, you may have even offered your writing services as a ghostwriter to write books — either print or digital — for your clients. But have you written a book for yourself to sell to your website visitors?

I have also put a lot of focus in becoming a self-published author. It is a completely different income stream. Offering your writing services is one income stream, but using those writing talents to produce your own products to sell in the marketplace is another way to earn money.

Let’s look at two ways to accomplish author status. The first is Amazon KDP and the second is e-Junkie.com, an affiliate network.

Self-Publishing with Amazon KDP

Amazon is the biggest bookseller in the world. And they make it very easy to create an e-book and add it to their Kindle Store.

While you are trying to convert website visitors into paid clients, you could also be generating an income for yourself as a self-published e-book author on Amazon Kindle.

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    I not real sure how to answer your question about having a separate blog. It really all depends on what you are primarily trying to do. When you have established your website or blogs main goals then with this foundation it is easier to answer that question.

    For example, for my website and blogs I don’t separate my blogs from my site, or, in other words, I do not have multiple domain names for different blogs and so forth. And that is primarily because my main site operates as my main hub or base, and my blogs fall under the same niche as writing, however, I do separate them by categories, but nonetheless, all my blog are under the one domain.

    I’m not sure if that make any sense or if that helps you are not, but it is important to establish goals for your website or blog from beginning and these goals or aims will guide you as your blog or website evolves.

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