4 Profitable Ways to Draw Attention to Your Web-Writing Business – Part Three

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Profitable Marketing - Marketing with E-LettersWelcome to Part 3 of this four-part series, The Top 4 Ways to Draw Attention to Your Web-Writing Business That Pay. Today, we’re going to dig into the power of e-newsletters to help you attract more attention from your target audience.

We will cover how to create RSS campaigns (specifically with MailChimp, since that’s the Email Service Provider I use), as well as developing the mindset that those subscribers on your list are your VIPs and should be treated with tender loving care. Of course, I will also mention promoting affiliate offers through this communication outlet.

First, let’s cover RSS campaigns. It’s one thing to start marketing yourself aggressively in the social media marketplace to a point where you start gathering some really good leads. And it is awesome when you start accumulating more and more faithful fans and readers of your content that sign up for your email list. However, once you accomplish all that, and you see your list growing at an overwhelming rate, how do you keep those fans of yours loyal to your brand and message?

Well … the answer to that question is quite simple. Keeping those subscribers happy and passionately engaged with you and your message requires communication. If there is no communication, then there is no relationship.

The Answer to the Freelance Web Writer’s Relationship-Building Dilemma


Most of us freelancers do not have a team of writers, editors, and customer service reps on staff; no, it is usually just us. When someone signs up for your email list, they are expecting to receive regular content from you. But, it’s also good to send them a special welcome message, or even series of messages. But what if your list is getting several new subscribers each day. That’s a lot of people to send special messages to. Fortunately, you can use autoresponders to make this type of special message to your new subscribers automatic.

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William Ballard

William Ballard is a highly sought after business consultant and content marketing strategist. As founder and CEO of William Ballard Enterprise, his passion is to help struggling firms go from merely surviving operations to truly thriving organizations. To learn more about how to grow your business in the midst of the new normal, subscribe to William’s free business building e-newsletter.


  • This is a fabulous as well as helpful instruction. I am coming away knowing a lot more than when I started.
    You are a wizard at your craft1 Thank you.

  • Hi Julie,

    Thank you for taking the time read this series. I am glad to hear that it is adding value to those that read it.

    God Bless.

  • William, thanks for the article. I design a monthly email newsletter for a client that uses the business’ blog as its main content. I’m a MailChimp user, too. I probably won’t use the RSS email, because there’s other content in the newsletter, but if I did, I’d be concerned with the formatting of the content pulled from the blog feed. What’s your experience been with the formatting of your RSS-driven campaigns on the receivers’ end? Blessings…

    • Excellent question Ellen!

      I have found that there can be some formatting and technical glitches or issues, but it really depends on the amount of content that is being sent out for that given RSS feed campaign. In this case I always say that less is more.

      On the other hand, within the MailChimp design area, you do have the option of removing some of the elements to allow for a more easy formatting experience. Plus, if you know code or if you have anyone on your team who is familiar with code, these types of tweaks and changes can be made right in the design area of MailChimp as well.

      I hope this helps.

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