Roving Report: PPC Marketing Tests That Make a Big Difference

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Roving Report: Testing PPC CampaignsTesting is an important part of any PPC Marketing campaign. Christina Gillick has become an expert on PPC Marketing, and she’s been sharing her expertise with Wealthy Web Writer members.

Recently, Christina joined Heather Robson and other Wealthy Web Writer members to talk about PPC testing. You can review the entire webinar HERE.

Her most important message in this webinar: testing isn’t scary. So if you’ve been shying away from testing your PPC campaigns, fear no more. Testing is no more than educated guessing, according to Christina.

It’s not even all that technical.

So take a deep breath, and let’s dig in.

Begin with Research

Testing begins with studying your past campaigns. Look at the research you’ve gathered, note what’s worked in the past, and review the information about your audience.

Then ask yourself questions about your assumptions. Why did something work (or not work)? Study the industry — is there anything industry-specific that might make a difference?

Create a Hypothesis

Next, create a hypothesis. What might you change to test your assumption?

Christina defines hypothesis as:

“Based on everything I know about ‘what works’ in advertising, persuasive writing, and customer behavior, I think that changing ‘X’ would be a worthwhile test.”

If you’d like some practice, visit the website Which Test Won. They provide real-life examples and case studies. They give you a chance to vote for the test you think won, then explain why it did — or didn’t. It’s an easy, non-threatening way to see how far off — or how spot on — your assumptions can be!

When testing, your variable “X” can be a variety of things — it might be the:

  • Headline
  • Body
  • Call-to-action
  • Landing page
  • Or another element

Test Your Hypothesis

“Sometimes you’ll be wrong, and that’s completely okay,” Christina assured us. “You don’t have to know the answer to do the test. The whole point of the test is to hopefully hit on something big and make more money, but you won’t know unless you’re testing.”

Fortunately, testing a PPC campaign is very inexpensive, unlike the large cost to test a direct-mail campaign. With PPC, you also get your results quickly.

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