Reality Blog Teleconference – On Being Grateful and Setting Goals


Reality Blog Teleconference – On Being Grateful and Setting GoalsDate: November 20th, 2014
Time: Noon, Eastern Time
Topic: Gratitude and Goals
Presenters: Christina Gillick, Jim Wright, and Marianne Foscarini

Wealthy Web Writer Reality Bloggers Christina Gillick, Jim Wright, and Marianne Foscarini join Heather Robson for a live interview. During this teleconference, they’ll look back on their accomplishments for the year, talk about the importance of gratitude for success and look forward to new and exciting goals for 2015.

When you listen in you’ll find out what each of our Reality Bloggers think made the biggest difference in their success and progress during 2014 …

You’ll hear about the power of gratitude when it comes to setting goals that you’ll actually stick with and achieve …

And you’ll discover what our Reality Bloggers are doing right now to prepare to make 2015 their best year yet.

Join us for this fun interview event to kick off the holiday season!

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