15 Minutes to Fame: What Do You Know?


creative_brainOne of the things that took me a long time to realize as a freelance web writer — and something I’d like to help you realize sooner in your own career — is that it doesn’t take a lot of time spent studying and practicing the craft of web writing and online marketing to reach a point where you know more than you think.

More to the point, you probably know more about these things than most of the clients who will hire you — unless you’re working with a big direct-response marketer.

Yet it’s easy to assume you don’t know as much as you think … that your client is the expert in the room.

Case in point. I had a client not too long ago who hired a new marketing manager. They couldn’t say enough about this fellow and his credentials. But then he suggested a plan for increasing the site’s organic traffic that I knew went against SEO best practices.

My first thought was, “Who I am to challenge him? He’s done all these things and the client thinks the world of him.”

I had to sit down and review everything I knew. Once I did, I was certain the plan was flawed, but it still seemed completely unbelievable to me that I would know more than the marketing manager. Even so, I put my ducks in a row, and shared my concerns with my client.

In the end, it all worked out. But it wouldn’t have gone as well for me if I hadn’t been willing to trust myself and speak up.

If you find yourself struggling with this — being uncertain if you know enough to voice your opinions to people positioned as experts, I have a couple of things you can do that will help. Follow these two steps and you’ll get over your self-doubt and start presenting your opinion with confidence.

First, articulate to yourself what you know. Make a written list. I bet it will be bigger than you expect. Your list might look a little like this:

  • I know the fundamental principles of direct-response copy.
  • I know how to research my audience and identify their pain points.
  • I know how to write a benefit-driven headline.
  • I know the fundamentals of testing online promotions and can help my clients identify good testing options.
  • I know the best practices of email marketing.
  • I know the best practices of SEO.
  • And so on and so forth …

For each item, give yourself a minute to think about the details and specifics that you understand. Doing this exercise can lay a good, solid foundation for your confidence as a web writer.

The second thing to do is marshal your go-to resources. Sites like Wealthy Web Writer, Search Engine Watch, Heather Lloyd-Martin’s SEO Copywriting blog, and Mashable. Reputable sites that you can look to when a client asks you a question you don’t know the answer to right away.

Both Heather Lloyd-Martin and Pam Foster recommend that when you’re asked a question you don’t know the answer to, you say, “Let me look into that and send you an answer.” Then check out your go-to resources. When you compose your answer, send a link or two to where the client can see the information you’re referencing.

Taking these two steps will build your confidence and help you to start carrying yourself like an expert. When that happens, you’ll land more clients and command higher fees.

If you have other confidence-building strategies you use, I hope you’ll share them in the comments.

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Heather Robson

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Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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