8 Ways to Charge When Writing for a Crowdfunding Campaign


time_capsule_with_moneyCrowdfunding is a new niche where you will often serve companies that are just getting started. It’s a situation where the rules aren’t established, so there will be questions about how you’ll be compensated.

It’s important to be clear about what types of payment you accept and find the best way to set your rates so you make money and your clients are happy.

How much you charge, and how you present your fees to potential clients determines how wealthy you will be as a web writer. Here are eight ways to go about it:

1. Bid on the project.

A lot of crowdfunding project managers turn to Elance to find copywriters, and so it makes sense to put your information where the clients are searching.

The problem is that Elance and other job bidding sites can be unprofitable for many freelancers, because there is a downward pressure on price. Scrolling through the site, you can see writers charging $5 per hour! Don’t be that person.

There are also many writers who are charging $50, $77, and $110 per hour for their writing, and have posted earnings in the six-figure range. The writers who have higher incomes set themselves apart in some way and give people a compelling reason why they will be the best writer to hire. Usually the reason is that they can sell with words.

Winton Churchill’s website provides excellent tips for getting the most out of Elance. If you’re thinking about using Elance to promote your services, you should take the time to check out his website.

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