Reality Blog: What Will You Do For Other Web Writers in 2015?

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Reality Blog: What Will You Do For Other Web Writers in 2015?Do you have web-writing goals for 2015? Do they include helping others to reach their goals?

My friend, Kimberley Payne, wrote an interesting post on her blog recently. She describes how she’s been keeping a file of her goals from each year dating back to 1995. She explains that she has tried different systems, ideas, and plans over the years. With her file, she’s able to see how she has grown through the years. Or not.

I can only guess that she hasn’t found the ideal goal system yet because she keeps trying new ways of setting goals. But that may change in 2015. She says she has found “the secret for goal planning.” I’m inclined to believe her.

I might add that the planning is easier than the doing.

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Marianne Foscarini

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  • Thanks, Marianne! This is a great reminder of where our focus should be and how it makes all the difference in how we perceive a task or project.

    • Thanks for your kind response, Rosie. Having the right attitude does make a difference. Best to you in 2015!

  • This is wonderful Marianne, the article has challenged me to be focused on what to do and the impact of what I do.

    Thank you once again.

    • Thank you, Martha. You’re right. Whatever we are focused on has impact. Thank you for your kind words.

  • Hi Marianne,
    Great post!
    And, coincidentally, I was recently browsing in a book store, and saw Give and Take, and intuitively knew it was a book I’d like to read. I put it on my wishlist, and next thing I see you’re talking about it!
    I’ve noticed over the last little bit, that much of the work I’ve received has been as a direct result of helping or giving!
    So I’ve picked up the book, and I’m reading it now!
    Cheers and thanks again,

    • Hi Jim,
      Thanks for confirming the message 🙂 I’m sure you’re going to see even more in 2015. Glad you’re getting good projects and customers from this concept. Thanks for sharing!

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