7 Ways You Can Use Wealthy Web Writer to Grow Your Business Faster


7 Ways You Can Use Wealthy Web Writer to Grow Your Business FasterThe upside to life as a freelance web writer is the freedom. You call the shots, from the type of web writing you do to the clients you work with to when you do your work.

But no matter what path you choose, you’ll still have questions along the way.

For example, we all go through those one-time, start-up queries: How do you put together your professional website? How do you pick a writing specialty?

Then come the recurring, ongoing questions: Which optimization strategies are working best? What’s the standard fee range for a landing page?

You can spend hours researching and networking with others to find reliable answers whenever a question surfaces. Or, you can make a single long-term connection with a reliable source.

Without even realizing it, that’s what I did when I first logged onto Wealthy Web Writer. I’d gone to the site for help distinguishing the benefits of the many web-writing opportunities to choose from.

Five years later, I still visit the site on a regular basis to get my questions answered. Even better, I learn about things I didn’t know I needed to know about. Every time, I enjoy a bump in my productivity, marketing efforts, or income.

So if you’re hoping to get your own web-writing business up and moving as fast as possible, here’s what you need to take advantage of on the Wealthy Web Writer site:

If You’re New to Web Writing …

  1. Make Connections Through the Reality Blog

I had the privilege of working on the Reality Blog for three years and can safely say it helped catapult my writing income. A big reason for that was simply making connections with other writers. Because while freelancing in a secluded home office is cozy and convenient, it’s very important to connect with others who know what you’re going through — particularly if they’re willing to offer advice and support!

These days, the Reality Blog is written by three writers whom I greatly respect. Each one provides different glimpses into the hurdles and triumphs of web writing. You can connect with them — or any writer featured on the site — by leaving a comment.

  1. Visit the “Getting Started” Section

Speaking from experience, having a roadmap to guide your initial writing business efforts is virtually priceless. Wealthy Web Writer offers start-up advice through multiple focused and tagged articles. But best of all is the section they’ve devoted to getting off the ground as a web writer, including advice on how to choose a niche, set goals, and stay focused.

And if you happen to get tripped up along the way, you can submit a question and you’re guaranteed a response.

  1. Read the Info-Rich Articles and Glossary

You know that feeling where you’re plodding along, happy with what you know about the world of web writing and freelancing, only to be derailed when you come across something unfamiliar?

My go-to antidote for writing-related ignorance is the Web Writing Glossary. Sometimes, all you need is a single word explained and the rest of the puzzle falls into place. Getting a definitive explanation for web-based terms can be challenging if you’re searching the Internet at large. Wealthy Web Writer gives you the specifics you need as they relate to your writing career.

The same holds true if you’re looking for longer explanations. Any one of the hundreds of articles on the site, all of which are conveniently broken up into categories, can open your eyes to new business approaches, writing techniques, landing clients, and more.

If You’re a Working Web Writer …

  1. Get Savvy with 3-Minute Gurus and the Tech Corner

Maybe you can relate to my excuse for not loving tech tools — “I’d rather be writing!” Regardless, you’ll get a huge payoff if you at least familiarize yourself with the latest web-based tools in creating and organizing content.

My long-time favorite for keeping my tech wisdom up to speed are the 3-Minute Guru clips. They’re quick, crisp, and you get both a visual and audio tour of whatever topic you select. Equally helpful are the articles you’ll find in the Tech Corner archives, from extremely useful shortcuts on Microsoft Word to best strategies for setting up WordPress.

  1. Land a High-Paying Contract From the Web Copy Jobs Board

As a new web writer, I often wasted half my day trolling the Internet in search of paid writing work. And while it’s easy to find pennies-per-word gigs, it’s a lot harder to pinpoint opportunities from companies and marketers who value well-written copy and will pay you appropriately.

So if you’re looking to build a profitable web-writing career, it’s vital you find those highly-priced projects and sidestep the jobs that squander your skills. It’s equally vital you do it without spending a lot of time on the search.

The easy answer is to use a jobs board run by marketing-savvy professionals. Wealthy Web Writer has one that focuses specifically on niche-based web copy jobs, like SEO, PPC marketing, or web sales copy.

  1. Get Privileged Information From Exclusive Special Reports

Once you find and land a great web-writing job, you’ll appreciate having access to the project pricing guide How to Price and Land the Top 7 Web Copy Projects. You’ll probably also enjoy 12 Templates to Help You Start Any Web-Writing Project … Fast. Since getting started on a project can be the hardest part, it pays to have insider information that gets you going in record time. (And these are just two examples of many special reports you can tap! There’s also a new series of Getting Clients reports that will guide you step-by-step through the process of landing new clients. They take all the guesswork out of landing projects and building your client base.)

You can access these reports through the site. Or, take my approach and download them to your desktop so they’re one click away, whether or not you’re online.

  1. Live Blogs From Managing Editor Heather Robson

Attending any in-person event can give your writing career a massive boost. Networking with other writers and marketers is beneficial on its own. But combined with getting the skinny on the latest trends in online content? Priceless. And that’s what you’ll get if you attend AWAI events like the Web Intensive and Bootcamp.

But, for those times when you simply can’t be present … there’s tremendous value in the live-blogging Heather posts on the site during each event. Not only do you get insider information on what’s being talked about at the event, you also get it before anybody else on the outside. And when those tips involve things that put you on the cutting-edge of your industry … well, trust me when I say that an inside edge means a lot in dollars!

The Bottom Line: Access Boosts Your Writing Business

You know that old saying that it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know? That holds true in face-to-face business, but our industry is a little different. You definitely want to get to know and connect with others in this industry — and I strongly recommend doing so by connecting with other members of the site.

But along with that, if you’re looking to grow your web-writing business fast, there’s literally no better approach than to find a credible, go-to source for reliable information — one that’s easy to access, constant, and proven over time. And that’s exactly what you’ll get from Wealthy Web Writer.

Mindy Tyson McHorse

Mindy Tyson McHorse

Executive Editor for The Barefoot Writer, Mindy McHorse writes for clients in the biz-opp, alternative medicine, and self-help world.


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    Great tips on what is available on Wealthy Web Writer for someone new to the game. I always like to read your articles and almost always pick up something useful.

  • Hi Mindy,

    All very good tips. I’m challenged with making the transition from full-time corporate to full-time wealthy web writer. I’m excited about what Wealthy Web Writer can offer and plan to use every available resource to succeed. Thank you!


  • P. S. I enjoyed your 46-page Introduction Letter, writing is something I do everyday, and it’s something that I know I’m good at–I think I’m going to enjoy this!! Looking forward to a long and prosperous business-relationship!

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