Define Your Niche By Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

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Define Your Niche By Thinking Like an EntrepreneurHave you struggled to come up with the perfect niche?

I’d like to suggest a completely different way to come up with your niche: Stop thinking like a writer and start thinking like an entrepreneur.

The traditional way of coming up with a niche involves an inward approach. You consider your experience, your passion, your interests. But by thinking like an entrepreneur, you’ll look more at who needs your services and how you can benefit them. And taking this approach will make it easier to approach prospects.

Entrepreneurs embrace chaos

While searching for the right niche for your writing services, you will undoubtedly face unexpected complications, setbacks, and pivots. See yourself as a nimble start-up, ready to respond to an ever-changing landscape rather than someone with a plan that is set in stone.

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Mandy Marksteiner

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  • Great shift in perspective! In fact, I REALLY needed this today, as I’m re-thinking my freelance business…and I’ve discovered firsthand how the question “what are my passions and interests?” can lead you astray.

    When you find a problem you can solve…that changes everything.

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