Reality Blog: Recovering From Major Interruptions

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Reality Blog: Recovering From Major InterruptionsHi Reality Bloggers!

Can you believe it’s April already? It seems like just last week we were ringing in the New Year.

Now — at least in Texas — we can finally see the first signs of spring! Luscious green grass … wildflowers as far as the eye can see … trees bursting into bloom … and — my personal favorite — baby animals! 🙂

The distractions are nearly too much. (Especially the 15 eggs under my favorite hen that are due to hatch any moment!)

Luckily, March held a major interruption that — once overcome — led me to better deal with future distractions. As I write this, I’m newly inspired, rededicated to my businesses, more grateful for the writer’s life, and finding many ways to successfully balance work and writing with the joys of spring!

How did I do that? I promise to explain, but first — to tell this story correctly — I need to back up just a bit …

Every month, as I sit down to write this Reality Blog, I ask myself the same thing:

“What valuable lesson, learned in the past month, would most benefit the readers of Wealthy Web Writer’s Reality Blog?”

You see, each month there are several lessons. (It never fails, because these lessons are usually gleaned from my mistakes.)

However, when it comes time to write the Reality Blog, I force myself to choose just one lesson. I do this so my post will stick to “The Power of One.” (Which is a very effective writing principle taught by AWAI.)

Still, as I went through the process of choosing a topic for this month, I couldn’t help but think —

“This isn’t the real reality of what I go through as a web writer.”

By focusing on only one part of each month, I’m depriving you of all the other lessons (and blunders) I made in the process.

Plus, you might be wondering, “What happened the rest of the month?” Or even, “What — exactly — do you do all day?”

That’s what I aim to answer, starting now. Going forward, I’ll write at least one sentence each and every day for this Reality Blog.

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Christina Gillick


  • That is awesome advice Christina. I always enjoy reading your work. I am happy that things turned out for the better and hope that the overall situation will improve as well. 🙂

  • I’m glad I found your article, and I really hope that your condition improves. I am in training for web2.0 and I am in the process of working on a class assignment. I can no longer work in the industry I was in and I am having to switch fields due to a condition that shuts me down for days at a time. Your article has given me hope and has reminded me that I can succeed even with major interruptions. Wish you the best.

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