Special Report: Getting Great Clients Through LinkedIn

Ask 100 seasoned copywriters where to find new clients, and you’re likely to hear many different answers. From cold calling to job boards, everyone has their favorite. But chances are, lots of them will list LinkedIn as their go-to choice.

Why? The reasons are numerous:

  • LinkedIn is strictly business. LinkedIn is the social media network for business people. You won’t find a lot of talk about what your connections had for lunch or who annoyed them on their drive into work. And nobody will complain if you want to talk business. That’s why they’re there!

  • LinkedIn is huge. LinkedIn boasts over 347 million unique monthly visitors from all over the world. And that number is growing by two users per second! Many of these people are actively looking for help marketing their businesses. That’s a lot of potential clients.

  • LinkedIn is easy to search. You can search LinkedIn users by a number of demographics. Want to find manager-level employees of architectural companies located in Hong Kong, with profiles written in English? No problem. This makes it super easy to scope out great prospects.

  • LinkedIn is respected. Many of the biggest movers and shakers in the business world hang out on LinkedIn. Your presence and activity there indicates that you are serious about your copywriting career.

I’m Anne Michelsen, and I’ve used LinkedIn with great success in building my own freelance writing business. Whether you are new to copywriting or a seasoned expert, LinkedIn is an incredible resource for finding and getting clients. You just need to know how best to use it to your advantage — and that’s what this report is all about!

So let’s get started.

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Anne Michelsen

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