Wealth Through Personal Wellness: Develop and Practice Self-Compassion

Four Ways to Create a Success MindsetIf you’re anything like me, you started down the path to web copywriting not just because you’re drawn to the freedom of the writer’s life, but because you find satisfaction in adding value to the world. It’s a great feeling, to make a difference in the lives of your clients and their customers.

But it isn’t always easy, is it? To get clients to take notice of you and your writing, it takes dogged persistence, courage, and vast reserves of confidence. It takes a mindset focused on success, and sustained belief in yourself and your abilities. To add value to the world, you must first see the value in yourself.

In this four-part series, I’ll show you how to develop a success mindset by practicing the mental habits of self-compassion, positivity, mindfulness, and gratitude. You might be surprised at how easy success comes once you have these in place alongside your hard work.

“Never say anything about yourself that you don’t want to come true.” Brian Tracy

Compassion is recognizing that everyone, including yourself, is a human being who deserves kindness and understanding in place of judgment or disregard. Developing and maintaining mutually-beneficial, compassionate relationships is at the heart of good business. And the most important relationship to cultivate ¾ more important even than those with clients, customers, or prospects ¾ is the one you have with yourself.

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This article is part of the Wealth Through Personal Wellness series.

Series Table of Contents:

  1. Wealth Through Personal Wellness: Develop and Practice Self-Compassion (This Article)
  2. Wealth Through Personal Wellness: Practicing Positivity
  3. Wealth Through Personal Wellness: Mindfulness
  4. Wealth Through Personal Wellness: Gratitude

Amanda Foxcroft


  • Thanks, Amanda,
    A quick review of my self-talk over the past two months brought up several instances of those negative, non-compassionate phrases spoken by me at myself. And I wondered why I was having trouble succeeding. Now I know. They’ll be eliminated. And that’ll be one more obstacle obliterated from my path. Thanks for making a difference.

    • Hi Stefan,

      I’m so glad you found the article helpful! Keep up the self-compassion, I’m sure you’ll find it makes a world of difference in your life, both business and personal!

  • Hi Amanda! Thank you for sharing this article with the members and readers of Wealthy Web Writer. I should have read this earlier. I think a huge part of what stops me from moving forward with success is negative self-talk and lack of self-compassion. This article got me misty eyed because self-compassion is something I definitely need to work on as well. I’ve had a lack of it for as long as I can remember.

    And you’re absolutely right, self-compassion needs to be practiced. I’ve read some of a book titled The Compassionate-Mind Guide to Overcoming Anxiety by Dennis D. Tirch, PhD, but I stopped at some point and haven’t practiced any of the exercises. My lack of self-compassion continued, and I didn’t realize it. (I read the book during a time of transition, I think that’s why). Your article motivates me to get back on track and return to the compassion-focused therapy lessons the book provides.

    Many of us think we always need others telling us we’re not perfect, when in fact we also need to hear it from ourselves, even if we have to consciously force ourselves to say it out loud or write it down. It would even be helpful to keep a journal for tracking emotions and progress. I may begin one myself.

    Thank you so much for a helpful wellness article well written.

    • Hi Sara,

      I just saw your comment now, I apologize for not responding earlier!

      I’m grateful you found the article helpful. How is your self-compassion practice going? Even if you’ve taken a break from it, you can pick it up at any moment in the day by replacing a negative thought with something positive.

      I hope all is going well and you’re finding it easier to give yourself the compassion you need and deserve.



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