Reality Blog: From Resistance to Action

Reality Blog: Overcoming ResistanceHi there, Wealthy Web Writers!

Welcome to another edition of the Reality Blog!

As I write this, I’m entering the nice, long curvy part of the freelancing roller coaster … the part that usually follows a wild, twisty drop you weren’t expecting …

Just a few days ago, I felt ready to jump off the tracks, give up freelancing, and find a full-time job. I shudder now for considering such a thing, but I was hopelessly lost.

You see, this month’s Reality Blog started as a post on goals … I wanted to write about what makes a good goal, how to create a goal, and how to get fired up enough to follow through.

I was convinced that my goal for 2015 — to build passive income and transition out of client work — was flawed. I spent a lot of time reading about goals, studying inspiration, and considering my options.

Then, I sat down to write about it. Only the words wouldn’t come. I would get a few paragraphs in and decide I didn’t like the direction. I changed the lead at least 10 times.

Finally, frustrated and hopeless, I emailed to ask for an extension on this very post. I hoped getting away from the computer would bring me some inspiration.

Then, I set to work on “curing” my writer’s block …

I went outside for fresh air, virtually visited some friends, and even took a long hot shower (they say inspiration often finds you there).

Nothing worked. If anything, I was more confused. I felt completely unqualified to write about setting and achieving goals. What was I going to do?!

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Christina Gillick

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