Roving Report: Your Email Questions Answered

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Roving Report: Your Email Questions AnsweredJay White is well-known to Wealthy Web Writer members. Author of the program, Email Copy Made Easy, Jay’s an experienced copywriter who specializes in email and autoresponders.

Recently, he met with members of Wealthy Web Writer, along with Managing Editor Heather Robson, to answer questions about writing emails for fun and profit.

Before answering questions, though, Jay shared five tips for what he believes is the easiest way to get clients when you’re starting out. (You can listen to the whole conversation here.)

Tip #1: Don’t Pigeonhole Yourself

“Emails are fun to write, and it’s a cool way to make money,” Jay told us. “But I’ve learned that clients don’t want specialists, they want someone to come in and take care of everything. If they have nine people writing copy for them, that’s amazingly hard to manage. They want it simple.”

So, when approaching a prospect, don’t tell him you specialize in writing emails. Whatever the client hires you to work on initially, ask, “How’s your XYZ working out for you?” That opens the door for more work.

Heather added that you should ask two more questions, which also lead to more work:

  1. How are these people getting to the copy I’m writing?
  2. Where do they go after they click?

Let the prospect or client tell you what he needs.

Tip #2: Check These Websites for Jobs Every Day

Using the keyword, “copywriter,” search the following websites. Jay recommends searching daily, as they’re always being updated.

  • ― This is AWAI’s Job Board, and you’ll often find listings here that don’t appear anywhere else. That’s because some companies actively seek out AWAI-trained copywriters.
  • ― Yes, LinkedIn is a great place to connect with other professionals, but it’s also got job listings. Use them.
  • ― This site agglomerates listings from all the Craigslist ads, giving you a way to search all of Craigslist in one place.

Tip #3: Use the Following Search Terms

When you search for “copywriter,” you’ll find lots of the listings are for in-house jobs. To weed these out so you can focus on the offsite, freelance jobs, use these search terms:

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