Wealth Through Personal Wellness: Practicing Positivity

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Wealth Through Personal Wellness: Practicing PositivityIn Part I of this Series, I discussed the importance of developing the habit of self-compassion. A natural outgrowth of this habit, and something that is just as important, is a positive mindset. Some would argue that a positive mindset is a success mindset.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill

We see the world as a reflection of our thoughts and attitudes. A negative mindset or attitude makes the world look harsh and unforgiving, full of difficulties and people “out to get you.”

A positive mindset shows the world back to you as a place of possibility and opportunity, of obstacles to be overcome instead of roadblocks on the path to success. It’s necessary for your health, and that of your business, to be the “eternal optimist.”

Having a positive, success mindset is a matter of choice. It’s not something you’re born with, and it’s not a matter of “you either have it or don’t.” You develop and practice it. We all have the power to make our lives what we want them to be with each choice we make.

For example, when I was getting started in my business, I answered an ad on the Wealthy Web Writer Job Board for a writer with “at least two years of experience.” I didn’t have two years of experience, but I took a deep breath, told myself “Well, the answer’s always no until you ask, so I might as well give it a shot,” and applied. They responded, indicating the company needed writers for blogs and web pages for car dealerships around the country, and could I send some samples of my writing?

The only sample I had was one article about a hostel in Costa Rica. I got super nervous, stalled, and even considered writing them to apologize for wasting their time. But I bolstered my confidence and sent the article, telling myself, “the worse that could happen is they won’t hire me and I’ll be in the same place I am now. No harm, no foul.”

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