The 7 Best Blogs for Email Marketers


The 7 Best Blogs for Email MarketersIn the ever-changing digital landscape, you might find it difficult to keep up with what’s working in email marketing.

That’s especially true when you throw in algorithm changes, responsive design, and mobile marketing, which are constantly in flux as well. All of these moving parts can confuse even the most savvy marketer or freelance web writer.

So where do you turn when you want to keep updated on the latest email marketing news? Wealthy Web Writer is an excellent place to start, but I’ve gathered some additional resources to help you stay abreast of what’s working best. Read on to find a list of some of the top blogs for email marketers. I’ve rated them from (1) to (5) based on your experience with email marketing. Gravitate to lower scores if you’re a newbie. Focus on higher scores if you’re already an expert emailer.

Note: This list doesn’t include blogs from the major email marketing software companies, such as MailChimp, AWeber, or Constant Contact. While many of these sites provide excellent marketing information, the following list offers useful content about general email marketing, regardless of what email marketer you choose.

Return Path

One of four email marketing specific blogs mentioned here, this data solutions provider’s site arguably has the most comprehensive listing of topics. If you need to know anything about email marketing, you’ll likely find it on their web pages.

Return Path emphasizes brand protection, so the information given on this subject is definitely something valuable that you can pass along to your own writing clients. From the most basic concepts (best practices and integration with social media) to the most complex (DMARC, or domain-based messaging, authentication, reporting, and conformance), consider this blog your go-to resource for everything email.

Experience Rating: 3


A Massachusetts-based company devoted to testing and tracking performance, Litmus has a blog that covers all email topics. But as you glance through the post previews, you’ll notice the emphasis is on design and metrics. Don’t let that “geek factor” scare you away, though. The handy menu at the top of the blog page organizes topics into Infographics, Inspiration, and Tips & Resources. Posts also include regular updates on what’s going on in the Litmus forum community, podcast summaries, and profiles on company employees. Despite its somewhat technical nature, the Litmus blog can be a fun read since it presents itself in a way that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Experience Rating: 4.5

Email Experience Council

The Direct Marketing Association’s email marketing branch posts useful articles here each month. Again, you’ll find topics appropriate for both beginners and experts, although the range isn’t as wide as those at Return Path or Litmus simply because they post less frequently than those blogs. A sampling of issues most recently covered includes customer retention, personalizing emails, list building, and deliverability versus engagement. One standout feature of the EEC site is a “Resources” page that lists books, white papers, strategies, research projects, and a directory of two dozen blogs from its DMA council members and companies.

Experience Rating: 2.5


The former Email Institute recently merged with Epsilon, a global firm synthesizing data, creative, technology, and analytics. Its blog has now become a resource for general marketing instead of one with an email emphasis. As a result, the postings on marketing through email are more sporadic. But you can still find plenty of content here to enhance your knowledge, especially if you’re more of an email novice. Current topics include developing an emotional connection with your audience, enhancing customer experience, marketing with the new Apple Watch, interviews with influencers, and updates from conferences.

Experience Rating: 2


This website — a standby resource in this industry — has an established wealth of resources related to all aspects of online marketing and copywriting. While occasional blog posts still discuss email marketing, the company has directed much of its efforts into their various podcasts and the channel tying them all together, RainmakerFM. In fact, the latest podcast from Copyblogger’s CEO and Co-Founder, Brian Clark, provocatively asked if millennials are “killing” email marketing (of course, they aren’t). In addition to the blog and podcasts, you’ll find webinars, seminars, and forum discussions on all email topics. You’ll get even more information if you sign up for their paid content resource, Authority.

Experience Rating: 3.5


Just as Return Path exceeds anyone’s expectations in email marketing content, HubSpot does the same for all areas of marketing. They focus mostly on inbound strategies, and offer a variety of paid and free subscription options for services and content. If you sign up for HubSpot’s daily blog updates, you’ll have the option to receive instant updates (5 to 7 a day), daily updates, or weekly updates in a digest form. While you will have to weed through these posts for the email-related ones, they are highly readable and useful to marketers of all levels. Recent email topics include outstanding email marketing examples, improving subject lines, and metrics to watch.

Experience Rating: 2.5


Another well-established site that covers various areas, MarketingSherpa has occasional but actionable email marketing posts on their blog. More recent posts have interview video clips with experts in the field from their own Email Summit conference this year. Topics on the blog mention list segmentation, creating customer profiles, and social media/email marketing integration. MarketingSherpa leans toward more experienced knowledge, but even beginners can find solid information to further their expertise.

Experience Rating: 4

What email marketing blogs have you found the most useful in your freelance web-writing career? Share your thoughts below.


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