Roving Report: Creating Content That People Love to Share

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Roving Report: Creating Content That People Love to ShareHow do you make your social media content more shareable?

That’s an important question for most of us.

Social media is a major part of most marketing strategies, both for our own writing businesses and for our clients’ endeavors.

And, of course, social media is all about being social and sharing — the more, the better.

Julie Jones-Chewning met with Heather Robson and a group of Wealthy Web Writer members to share her insights — you can see the entire webinar HERE.

Julie’s an online marketer who specializes in social media solutions that are affordable and effective. Her favorite thing, she told Heather, is to help companies or brands take their social media presence to the next level and get the online attention they deserve. She’s recently released an e-course, called Being Brave Online.

Julie didn’t set out to become a Social Media Expert. Instead, it happened as a result of what she thought she wanted.

She started an Etsy shop about seven years ago, before Etsy was well-known. To publicize her shop, she used social media. Julie quickly recognized that social media was a “great form of organic, free marketing,” and fell in love.

She took on a role managing social media in a corporate setting. Then she continued to develop and hone her marketing skills with some cutting-edge marketers. She’s been able to evolve with social media as it has grown.

One of Julie’s big social media wins happened a few years back. She was working on a project to create viral content for a new company. They had a fairly new Facebook page, with between 3,000-5,000 Likes. They developed a “silly little meme” that went viral and was shared more than 10,000 times on Facebook alone …

Before it was accidentally deleted by one of the social media team.

What’s the Business Benefit to Shareable Content?

Shareable content helps a business in two ways:

  • Increased traffic
  • More click-throughs

Whether the additional traffic generates more sales, or more brand awareness, it’s still valuable. It increases your reach, and you’re making valuable marketing impressions on new people.

Best of all, it’s traffic you don’t have to pay for.

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Susanna Perkins

Susanna was dragged back, kicking and screaming, into freelancing after losing her job in the banking meltdown in March, '09. One 3-month stint in an appalling temp job persuaded her to get serious about establishing herself as web writer. In March, 2012, she moved to a small town in Panama with her husband and three small dogs. After enjoying the writer's life in the culture of "buenas" and "mañana" for 2-1/2 years, she's returned to the US. At least for now.

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