How to Excavate Your Prospect’s Secret Desires

Baby and Dod playing on white bachground

How to Excavate Prospect DesiresI recently read the book Carl Goes Shopping to my one-year-old. In the book, a mother is shopping in a department store. She decides to look at drapes and leaves the dog in charge of her baby.

When I read that first page, I thought, “Give me a break! Who would let a dog babysit a baby?”

But when I looked at my baby, it was plain to see that she was thrilled to see the baby ride the dog through the different parts of the store. It made me think that riding a dog is now at the very top of her bucket list.

The author did an amazing thing. She found an idea that completely resonated with a baby and wrote a book (okay, pictures mostly) that had her hooked.

As a web writer, you have to do the same thing. You have to resonate with your readers right away. The trick is to find out what they’re thinking before you start writing.

Here are five methods that will help you get insights into those deeper, unexpected emotions.

1. Get the “before” picture 

I recently bought some expensive anti-aging cream from a friend who repeatedly asked me to take a picture before using it.

Before-and-after pictures are amazing selling tools, because they make it possible to see how well the product worked. But they only work if you collect the before picture.

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Mandy Marksteiner

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  • Again, excellent reminders!

    It’s easy to remember “Yeah, yeah, I’ve got to research the prospect and talk directly to them, blah blah,” but sometimes you need a little refresher on concrete ways to do it. Thanks!

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