Three ways to turn the tables during interviews

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Nail Your InterviewI recently had a job interview, and noticed that something was missing … the interview jitters.

Job interviews can be unsettling when you get too wrapped up with talking about yourself, and doing things that (you think) will win their approval.

Jumping through hoops to impress people feels just plain yucky, but you can avoid that unpleasant feeling altogether by focusing on sharing your ideas, and giving them valuable information they can use, whether they hire you or not.

It’s not about you … it’s about them.

And here’s the best part: When you embrace that idea, you wind up becoming the type of person that people want to hire.

The next time you’re in an interview — whether it’s for a full-time position or to land a freelance project — remember these three things:

1. Be Informative

Jill Konrath, author of Selling to Big Companies, points out that decision makers in larger companies have learned to ignore sales pitches. So instead of “pitching” yourself during the interview, she recommends being a consultant with valuable ideas that will be beneficial. Konrath said, “If you can be a good source of information … you will be highly valued.”

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Mandy Marksteiner

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  • Thanks Mandy that is original, helpful and makes a lot of sense. It is difficult to stand out positively unless you do something like this and the underlying attitude is also attractive to employers.

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