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nusborne-smallDate: October 27, 2015
Time: 12pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Social Media
Presenter: Nick Usborne

When it comes to social media, everyone knows about Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. But there are some fantastic, lesser-known social networks out there that could be helping you and your clients to have greater reach. During this event, you’ll learn about those networks plus discover a huge shift that is changing how people use social media.

Social media expert, Nick Usborne joins us to share lesser-known aspects of social media. During this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • Which of the smaller social networks have the biggest potential to drive traffic and build reputation.
  • What you should consider before selecting a social media network or recommending one to a client.
  • How some of the less popular social media networks can play a critical role in your social media strategy.
  • The one shift you must be making if you want to keep up with social media in every network.
  • And much more.

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Nick Usborne

Nick Usborne

An award winning copywriter and direct response marketing, Nick Usborne made the switch to copywriting exclusively for the Web in 1997 and is a leading expert in the industry.

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  • This event was great and informative. Gives me a lot to think about and how social media applies to my business.

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