Reality Blog: Achieve Success Daily with Small Wins

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Reality Blog: Achieve Success Daily with Small WinsIt’s great to be back with you. Can you believe it’s already the end of the first month of the year?

On that note, it’s time to ask if you are on track with the goals you have planned for the year.

Now is the time people start to falter with their goals. If the distractions of everyday life are starting to take their toll on your goals, it may be a good time to review your strategy and make some changes.

In my last post, I introduced the concept of small wins.

What is a “Small Wins” Approach?

When obstacles prevent you from achieving your goals, you need to look at ways you can take small, simple actions that continue to move you in the right direction. These actions are not overwhelming and are easy to achieve.

Despite this strategy’s simplicity, it’s powerful and can produce consistent, long-term results.

Why Do Small Wins Work?

Have you ever wondered why computer games are addictive? They are a perfect example of the value of small wins.

They start out with easy-to-accomplish levels that gradually increase in difficulty as you progress. You have a sense of achievement as you complete each level and you’re eager to move to the next. As you work through the levels, you improve and develop your skills to tackle the new challenges and play the game more efficiently. Small wins work in the same way.

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Hayley Michaels

Hayley is a freelance web writer who specializes in health, beauty and psychology. She is living and working in South Africa.


  • Excellent suggestions Hayley .

    Very well written on the importance of staying organized and setting goàls.

    Billie Schofield

    • Thanks so much Billie!

      I am glad you enjoyed reading it and hope that you found it helpful.

      All the best

  • Hi Hayley
    The small wins are so important in gaining a feeling and reality of progress. You wrote “Start in a way you intend to continue.” Developing small daily rituals that align with your most important personal and business values will pave the way for the small wins. The small wins lead to larger and more significant wins and builds confidence. Each win makes you feel good about the life path you’re on. I have recently read a confirmation by two different people of the statement quoted above. One of the people is an absolute master of helping people discover their vision for their life and business (Rob Berkley) and the other is a master information marketing expert (Dave Dee). Dave has coined the concept as “Intention-Based Value Living”. Based on what you’re writing here on Wealthy Web Writer’s Reality Blog you are right on track with what it is that people want to learn and adopt into their successful walks as web writers. Keep pressing forward towards the prize of evolved web writing excellence.

    • Hi John Paul

      What I like about the small wins strategy, is that it is like building a house. You start with one brick and then another and so it goes until you have a beautiful house. One made out of successful patterns that have long term value and not only help you to achieve your current goal but set you up to achieve future successes and your writers life.

      I like what you say about gaining ‘a feeling and reality of progress’. This is so important. No matter what your setbacks may be- physical, mental or emotional these feelings of success and progress will help you to overcome and focus on what you can do to get there instead of what may be holding you back.

      ‘Intention Based Value Living” is an interesting concept. Another advantage of small wins is that while you have a vision and goal for the future it has a sense of mindfulness about it. You can focus on each day and not be living in the past or future, which brings quality to your life while you achieve your goals.

      I am going to look up the two experts that you have recommended here- thanks for that.

      Thank you for reading this post and for taking the time to comment. I’m glad that you found it valuable. I definitely plan to keep pressing forward and I wish you an equal measure of success.

      All the best

  • HI, Hayley. I love your easy, flowing style and the great tips. I love the idea of doing a few pages each day from the series. You can cover a lot of things in a week or month then.

    As for tips, I have a busy schedule too. I am taking a couple of classes, joining discussions on Facebook and participating in webex events, etc. I find that if I schedule the webex events on my calendar, I am more likely to join them. If I get double-booked, then I leave time in my early evening to catch up on one event after eating dinner.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Patricia

      Thank you so much!

      I really liked your advice about pre-planning by scheduling your webex events on your calendar. It’s an effective tool to use for a small wins strategy.

      I have started doing the same thing too. No matter how late it is, or how I tired I am, I plan what I need to do for the next day before I go to bed. This has made a big difference. It makes it so much easier to stay on track with plans for each day, especially when something unexpected happens. I find I re-gain my focus more easily and still get the things done that I need to.

      Thanks for sharing this tip.

      All the best

  • I read the first few paragraphs and thought, “Ha! You caught me!”

    Breaking down goals into do-able steps is a skill I really need to develop — ASAP. Like, starting today. So my first small win for the day was sitting down and making a general freelance-goal-hitting plan for February. 🙂

    • Hi Randi

      Firstly, it’s great to hear from you! I think about you and your Russian winter so often. We are still having a drought and a heatwave here in SA and in some parts of the country temperatures have exceeded 50 degrees centigrade! When we have days like that I think of your article and the picture of the person walking in the snow!

      Back to writing-

      I get so caught up in my plans and goals and make them so big and want to do everything now. I soon get overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done along with the busyness of daily life. Then I fall behind and eventually become despondent and give up. Since taking this new small wins approach, I have found that I have been a lot more effective. I just have to be disciplined to keep focussed- that can be a bit tricky.

      I’m glad you were able to sit down and hit your freelance goal plan for February! I hope you’ll let me know how it’s working out during the course of the month. Good luck!


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