Why Should You Have an Accountability Partner?

Perfect Business Partnership

Perfect Business Partnership - Abstract Tree Puzzle PiecesIf you’re like me, you’ve heard experts recommend accountability partnership as a great way to achieve your goals.

It sounds like a wonderful idea. But I know from personal experience it can be more easily said than done.

Have you ever been to a personal development seminar where they asked you to exchange phone numbers with the person sitting beside you, in order to become accountability partners?

I’ve done that before. Then we’d get home, maybe text a couple of times, and it would soon fall off both our radars as we got sucked back into “normal” life.

My early accountability partnerships didn’t fall apart because I didn’t believe in the benefits. I think what really held me back was the fear of finally having to deliver on my word. Back then, I wasn’t up for the responsibility.

That changed when I joined Joshua Boswell’s Simple Path to Success business coaching program last September.

I signed up as a commitment to myself to finally move forward on my copywriting goals. A valuable part of the program was that each participant got paired up with an Accountability Buddy.

My Buddy turned out to be an especially wonderful, supportive woman who was also very committed to her own goals for her copywriting business.

The 12-week Simple Path to Success program is technically over for us, but we have maintained our accountability calls and continue to make progress in both our businesses. I’ll share what’s helped this accountability partnership succeed where others have failed.

But, first … now that I’ve been in an accountability partnership that works, I’ve experienced firsthand many of the much-touted benefits and I’d like to share my top three with you.

#1 — You Finish Your Goals, No Excuses

Do you ever cut yourself some slack? Promise to “get to it tomorrow”?

No such luck when you have an accountability partner. Whether your goals are big or small, there’s no wiggling out of them.

A study from the Dominican University of California showed that people who wrote down their goals, shared them with a friend, and sent them weekly updates, were 33% more successful at accomplishing their goals than those who merely formulated them.

One strategy that works is to email each other your list of goals for any given day, week, month, or longer. Then you can discuss them with each other and track your progress.

And your goals don’t have to relate only to work or business. I’ve actually had a long-term goal to get up earlier in the morning and have a more regular schedule.

My accountability partner happens to live three time zones apart from me. We had to set our phone calls fairly early in the morning on my end for things to work for both of us. This indirectly helped me reach my personal goal. Now I have to be up and ready for our early phone call, which helps me get to my work desk earlier.

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Zoe Blarowski

Zoe Blarowski is a web copywriter who lives in Kelowna, British Columbia. She specializes in writing shareable, engaging content for health and wellness websites.

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