How to Have a Successful Pricing Conversation with a Potential Client

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Money Concept - Pricing Conversations Date: April 12, 2016
Time: 3pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Negotiating Fees
Presenter: Ilise Benun

Even if you know what to charge for your web-writing services, that’s really just the first step.

Beyond knowing what to charge comes knowing how to present your fees in a way that will be attractive your clients. And knowing how to have the “money talk” without feeling awkward or uncertain.

Ilise Benun is an expert when it comes to talking about project fees with clients and she has a ton of experience teaching writers just like you how to:

  • Be at ease when talking about project fees… and how to put your client at ease, too.
  • Understand the value you deliver to your clients, so you can frame your fees as an investment with a promising return.
  • Have a conversation where you and your client come together, agreeing on a fee that you’re both happy with.

In this live teleconference with Ilise, you’ll learn how to navigate pricing conversations successfully. When that happens, not only will you land more clients … you’ll land happier clients who will refer you and come back to you. What you learn here is going to make your business much easier, so make sure you join us!

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