Adding a Podcast to Your WordPress Website

Adding a Podcast to your WordPress websiteIn this edition of Tech Corner, I’ll show you how to set up and use a simple plugin to add a podcast file to your WordPress website.

While this tutorial won’t show you how to record a podcast, it will show you the basics of what to do with your audio file once it’s finished to get it published on your website.

Let’s get started…

The plugin we’ll be using is called Seriously Simple Podcasting by Hugh Lashbrooke.

Although I haven’t used this plugin before, it follows my general rules for picking a good plugin, including:

  1. An active-looking version number
  2. A five-star rating
  3. A good number of installs

To begin, navigate to your plugin page, select Add New, and type Seriously Simple Podcasting in the search box.


Press Enter, and it should show up as the first choice…

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