If Your Intent is to Be Found… Then Make It Easy for Those Searching

Hiker With A CompassI’m the editor for the local Chamber of Commerce annual magazine and I have learned a valuable lesson that can benefit anyone in business for themselves.

As part of the magazine, each year we provide a directory of all of the members and their contact information. If you desire, you can have your name highlighted for a price. You can also buy an ad to be published in the body of the magazine and it will be referred to in this directory.

Along with editorial articles, there are other listings in the magazine, such as local RV Parks, Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos (I’m in Nevada, after all), tourist attractions, government contact information, services available in the community, and other kinds of resources about the town.

Part of my job as editor is to make sure all of the data is accurate and consistent throughout the magazine. Which I thought would be a piece of cake. Boy, was I WRONG!

My team and I use many sources to verify this information and you’d be surprised how often we find conflicting phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. Sometimes, even the spelling of the business name is different from one source to the next.

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Christine Butler

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