How to Run a Productive First Meeting With a Client

Young business partners sharing and discussing ideas at meetingA lot happens in the first meeting with a prospective client. You’re getting to know each other. You’re figuring out the project goals. You’re talking about rates. It’s no wonder first meetings are a high stress point for a lot of freelancers.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you, though.

If you have a smart process in place for handling your first client meetings, it will remove all that stress. It will also increase your odds of landing each prospect as a new client. A good process can even make that first meeting kind of fun!

It all starts with preparation. Having good administrative processes in place will make your life easier as a freelance web writer, and it also makes it easier for your prospects and clients too. You feel more confident going into the meeting, and you put your prospects at ease as they perceive you as the professional you are.

Train yourself to be prepared

Professional athletes train hard for every aspect of their events. What they’ll eat and wear, how they’ll train, how they’ll get to the venue, etc. It’s a regimented process that gives them room to adapt and improve each time they compete.

You need to put the same amount of training and preparation into your freelance business, and in particular, into your prospect meetings. After all, if you don’t ace the meeting, you won’t have any clients and your business suffers.

So, let’s get your training started and develop a solid, repeatable process you can use with every prospect meeting. You’ll see what works and what doesn’t with each meeting, giving you the opportunity to tweak your process and bring you closer to success every time. That includes changing your definition of success too: at first, it might mean getting a maybe from the prospect. After a while, you might upgrade your success stand to getting them to say yes more quickly. And by the time you’re a pro, you might view upselling them to bigger work projects or retainer packages as your benchmark.

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Julia Borgini

Julia is a copywriter & content marketing strategist who helps B2B companies generate more revenue from their content marketing programs. With her 15+ years experience as a technical writer for B2B tech companies and 6+ years as a copywriter & content marketer, Julia is the trusted Geek insider who can make even the most complex tech subjects seem simple. Her clients trust her to uncover & show off the benefits of any kind of tech product or service, from SaaS software solutions to insurance adjudication software, video games infrastructure to hardware security key fobs. Julia is happy to share her tech knowledge and content marketing insights with Wealthy Web Writer members. Chat with her on Twitter @juliaborgini

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