Reality Blog: Boost Your Credibility and Gain More Clients with LinkedIn

Linkedin Letters on a Corkboard - Using LinkedinI want to talk about LinkedIn again, because it can help contribute to your writing success on multiple fronts. I’ve heard stories from several writers about how much the site has helped them. I know I need to start using it more, and perhaps you do, too. But before I dive in, I want to dispel a myth about the site. Regardless of what you’ve heard…

LinkedIn is not only for B2B businesses.

It’s true that as writers, we are B2B (Business-to-Business) suppliers. We each run a writing business, and our clients are businesses. But our clients may run B2B or B2C (Business-to-Consumer) businesses — and they’re on LinkedIn either way. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that if your clients are B2C companies, LinkedIn isn’t for you. It’s a great tool for all of us. Here are some tips for using it to get noticed and land more clients.

Make the Most of Your Profile

Each LinkedIn user has a profile. Your profile is a resume of sorts which gives viewers information about your work experience, skills, and education. A certain amount of information is required to set up a profile, but you can and should add more than the minimum.

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Candice Lazar

Candice Lazar is a copywriter and marketing consultant. Her specialty is copy that helps clients develop long-term relationships with their customers.


  • I did sign up for LinkedIn’s Profinder service not too long ago. So far, I have received three proposal requests and submitted to all three of them. The first two never provided a response, and the third wrote to say he’d just hired someone but was planning to keep my contact information on hand in case the new hire didn’t work out or in case they ended up with more work than the new hire could manage. Nice article with some great tips. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Wendy! I’m glad you found it helpful. And your experience with ProFinder sounds promising with how new it is (many people I know aren’t even aware of it). Hopefully the right opportunity will come along on there sooner than later.
      By the way, I really enjoyed your recent article about pricing.

      Take care,

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