First Clients Stories from Your Fellow Wealthy Web Writer Members

Our Clients Are Happy Clients, Smile On Business CardDate: August 25th, 2016
Time: 3pm, Eastern Time
Presenters: Liz Farr, Daniel G. Taylor, and David Vigna
Topic: Landing your first client

Join us for a live Google Hangout with your fellow Wealthy Web Writer members Liz Farr, Daniel G. Taylor, and David Vigna. Liz, Daniel, and David are the winners of the most recent Wealthy Web Writer Challenge.

During this live interview, you’ll hear from each of our challenge winners about how they landed their first client, what they’ve done to land subsequent clients, and how you can use their strategies to grow your own business.

My interview with Daniel G. Taylor and Liz Farr

Editor’s Note: We had some technical difficulties, so you can hear me, but you can’t see me.

My Interview with Dave Vigna

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Wealthy Web Writer

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    • Yes it will. There will be a video link here for my interview with Liz and Daniel. And then there some technical difficulties that kept David from joining us, so I’ll be interviewing him on this coming Thursday and the video of that will be posted here, too.

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