AttendMe Video Chat Helps You Spark an Instant Personal Connection

Video Call Facetime Chatting Communication ConceptAttendMe makes it possible for website visitors to instantly connect with businesses, clients, and customers on a more personal level. When visitors click on the link, they can instantly start to video chat with a salesperson, an individual department, or even the owner of a company.

Adding it to your writing website can help you start a conversation with prospects faster. You can also add it to your clients’ websites to increase the number of calls they get from their website.

Unlike other video conferencing programs, you don’t have to set anything up or download anything in order to make it work. The caller just needs to click on a link and it will immediately start a video conference with you on your computer or phone.

“People want to feel special, want the experience to be personal, and they often want to talk to somebody and get their questions answered quickly,” Mark Ortega, one of the partners and Chief Technology Officer at AttendMe.

When businesses offer a personalized, guided online experience, they average 25% more sales, according to a study by eMarketer. Also, 63% of respondents who chatted live with an agent said they were more likely to return to the site, and 62% reported being more likely to purchase again.

So AttendMe is well-suited for small businesses that need to have a personal relationship with their customers, companies that are selling products online, companies that are trying to sell to a customer in another city who cannot personally see the product, or coaches and teachers who communicate over the phone.

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Mandy Marksteiner

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