Cut Article Writing Time in Half with Dictation Software

Voice DictationWhen you create a blog post or article, you often want to write in your own voice.

If you write like you talk, it’s easy to connect to your readers.

But what if, instead of writing like you talk, you just talk?

I use dictation software to achieve this. It takes a little practice to get used to speaking more clearly, but it saves a lot of time.

Professional typists average 60 words per minute. At this speed, it would take a little over 15 minutes to type out 1,000 words. Considering a lot of articles can reach at least 4,000 words — an hour spent just on typing out your article — that’s a significant amount of time spent on one article.

That’s only if you don’t pause to think about what to say and type flawlessly for that entire hour.

So, let’s say you speak in a conversational tone. Typical speech in a conversational tone is about 120 words per minute.

Already, you’ve managed to cut your time in half.

Furthermore, you don’t need anything more than a mobile device. If you have an Android or iPhone, this software is already in your hands. Just get your phone and a pair of the earbuds with a mic that you probably received with it, and you’re set to write an article using nothing but your voice.

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Lauren Bennight

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