Reality Blog Check-in: Taking Risks to Build Your Web-Writing Business

Jump off a cliff with a rope.Date: October 4, 2016
Time: 3pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Reality Blog Check in
Presenter: Candice Lazar and Hayley Michaels

Becoming a freelance web writer is a great thing. But every writer has to take some risks to succeed. And every writer experiences some bumps along the way.

In this Reality Blog Check-in, Hayley Michaels and Candice Lazar talk about the harder parts of being a freelancer, especially early on in launching your career.

They’ll dig into some of the risks they’ve taken and how they decided those risks were worth the potential reward.

They’ll talk about some of the obstacles they’ve faced and what they’ve done to overcome them.

And they’ll talk about what their plans are for having a strong finish to the year.

Join us for this live event event!

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