4 Free WordPress Plugins that Will Save You Time


wordpresspluginsManaging a WordPress site can be extremely time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming.

Trying to stay on top of writing content, designing graphics, site upkeep, and staying active on social media are a lot of work if you’re doing it all manually.

Fortunately, WordPress has thousands of plugins to choose from, many of which are designed to help automate simple tasks like scheduling posts, link monitoring, and comment moderation.

Individually, these things don’t take up a lot of time. But when you add them all up, these tasks could be costing you hours every day.

Here are some plugins that can help save time by automating tasks.

As with all plugin installations, please be sure to back up your site before installing plugins, so you don’t lose any data!


If you’re using the default WordPress comment system, Akismet is a great comment moderation plugin that helps filter out spam. It gives two options: automatically discard spam comments or put them in a bin for moderation.

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Lauren Bennight

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