8 Awesome Social Media Tools to Try Now

Social Media ToolsDealing with social media can often be like tending to an energetic puppy. They want — no, demand — your attention, quickly draining hours of your day away if you don’t stay on task.

We’ve talked a bit about how to get ideas for social media content, but what about managing your content?

These days, we’re lucky as there are plenty of tools to help us manage social media. Some of these tools allow you to schedule social media posts months in advance. They allow a very hands-off approach to managing your content, allowing you to focus on other tasks that need to be done. Others are just meant to make your life a little easier when dealing with social media.

Likeable Local Hub


Likeable Local released a tool for scheduling social media posts, which also includes the option for a mobile landing page like the one shown above. It includes a lot of great features such as analytics, re-sharing of top-performing posts, and boosted Facebook posts (with the paid plan).

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Lauren Bennight

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