5 Fast Ways to Build a Marketing Habit

break bad habits, build good habits - motivational reminder on cDate: March 23rd, 2017
Time: 3:30pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Marketing Strategies
Presenter: Michael Katz

Here’s how the writer’s feast-and-famine cycle happens.

You need work, so you market yourself. You market yourself a lot, and you line up a lot of work. So much work that you’re swamped.

Because you’re swamped, you stop marketing yourself. You have to dedicate all your time to delivering on the client projects you’re working on.

And then you finish those projects… and you have nothing new lined up. In a panic, you start the whole cycle over again.

By making marketing a daily habit, you can put an end to the feast-or-famine cycle. But you need a way to keep up with your marketing that doesn’t demand too much time, so that you don’t dump your marketing habit when you get busy.

That’s where Michael Katz comes in. During this live interview session, Michael is going to reveal his favorite marketing strategies that will keep you in front of potential clients — and keep your project pipeline full — without you having to do a lot of scrambling to keep up.

Join us for this interview and put a stop to feast-or-famine freelancing!

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  • Thank you to Michael Katz for making this a very helpful investment of 45 minutes. Nicely low key and actionable.

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